Laundry Day

This is what sock laundry day looks like at my house:


For the record, I do my socks in the washer. I throw them in on the delicate cycle, and they mostly do OK. Our washer and dryer are on their last go-around, and I’ve told my spouse that I don’t care about any other features for a new one, it has to have a handknit cycle.

I went to Madrona last night to hear the Yarn Harlot (do I really need to link to her?) speak about charity knitting. Of course I took my charity knitting:


Yes Kris, those are different needles than I started it on. I got about 5 inches done last night, got home, decided the fabric was much too stiff, ripped out, started over. Repeat as necessary. The yarn is Beaverslide Dry Goods, their 2 ply fisherman weight 100% wool yarn. The color is Alpine Fir. I have a bunch of lone skeins of worsted and heavy worsted weight yarn in the stash that is perfect for Dulaan hats, mittens, and scarves. This will be a scarf.

We had dinner at a little Thai restaurant just up the street from the convention center. The place was packed with knitters, most of them knitting. There was a line waiting for tables, most of them knitting. I can’t imagine what the people that run that place must have thought. In my ideal alternate universe, this is what every restaurant would look like. Of course I forgot my camera. I sat beside Fiona Ellis at the knitting bee, and she was wearing that lovely cabled hoodie, Celtic Icon*, from her book, Inspired Cable Knits. I wanted to steal it. I didn’t think she’d want to trade for the 5 inches of ribbed scarf I had on the needles, so I kept my mouth shut, and just sat there and envied it. Once again, no photos, as the camera was at home.

Tonight she is talking at a free session about the Knitter’s Muse. Unfortunately, for some reason that escapes me**, I signed up for an extra work shift, so I can’t go. I’m going tomorrow just to sit in the lobby of the Sheraton and knit with all the other people that didn’t get around to signing up for classes. Come on out and join us if you’re in the neighborhood!

*Does anybody else think that this sweater would look better just in one color? Even with the subtler color scheme used in the book, I think I’d like it better in all one color.

**Oh yeah, my husband reminds me that it’s to pay down the yarn debt. Now I remember.


Laundry Day — 22 Comments

  1. Good book report yesterday!! I love your socks. I also wash my socks in the machine, but at a normal cycle with other wash. I place them in a zipped mesh bag, and then dry them on a rack. My very nice washingmachine is in the basement in the yucky furnace/hot water heater/spare refrig room. I can’t bear to go down there for a separate wash for the socks!!

  2. What a fine sock collection you have! Sounds like you’ve had a good time lately. I do think the hoodie would look better in one color, or in shades of one color.

  3. Totally off-topic — but where did you find the ticker that counts up? I got mine from TickerFactory, too, but could only find the ones that count down…..

  4. Wow you recognised a knit designer! and you knew what design she was wearing! But in a thai restaurant where everyone was knitting it must have been quite unsurprising.

  5. How did I miss that the Yarn Harlot was coming to Washington? Well, I probably couldn’t have gone anyway. Sounds like a terrific time – glad you got to bask in all that knitterly goodness.

  6. I wash my socks in the shower when I wash my hair. Easy care. Last time I got brave and did them in the washing machine, I had to reweave in some ends! But I don’t have a delicate cycle. What fun seeing the Harlot.

  7. I think one color would do nicely, there’s alot to the pattern itself. Steal the sweater? You should have stolen Fiona! Imagine the possibilities;) We never get the fun stuff here and the weather is so darned perfect right now!

  8. I vote for a single colored sweater too! And I love your version of an alternate universe where everyone knits!
    I don’t know if I’d want my socks clipped on that Jaba thingy but I use one of those smallish wooden folding dryers. That way you can store it when not in use and hang all your socks over the rungs so they don’t stretch out while they dry (and your bathtub can get back in play!)

  9. I love the photo with all of the socks lined up!
    I also like the color of the scarf you are knitting, as green is a fave of mine.
    And oh my God YES that sweater should not be in two colors!! (Or at a minimum, not those two colors …)

  10. Look at all those socks – how wonderful! I definitely feel different when I wear handknit socks, like I’m pampering myself. Right now, I only have one pair for myself (and I kind of felted them this week, sigh). I guess I’d better get busy! :0)

  11. Those socks look scrumptious! I love sock washing day – I do them in the washer too –
    Only difference? I let them swish for 10 counts then soak. I have a craptastic apartment size washer that chews things even on *gentle*.

  12. I agree with you, that sweater needs to be all one color. Matter of fact, that little two-toned version looks awful. I notice that Ms. Ellis’s version was all one color. I like the focus being on the cables, not the colors.
    Hey John…. yarn debt? There’s no such thing as a yarn debt in this world. Wise man once said “turning blind eye to increasing stash results in happy wife”.

  13. When did you guys get Willie? I read you off and on, mostly a lurker. To me, he just suddenly showed up in January. I orginally started reading you because Lucy reminded me of my cat Lawrence.

  14. I’m still too chicken to wash handknits in the washer, even though mine has so many options for gentle that I shouldn’t be. I handwash everything.
    When you decide on a washer, keep in mind that it is easier to felt in a top loader. I got one of those fancy energy efficient front loaders, and felting is possible, but it isn’t as convenient. It also isn’t really possible to fill the washer and let things soak, as some shawl patterns suggest. I do this in my bathtub.

  15. Fiona’s work is beautiful, isn’t it?
    It was a lovely dinner Lorette, nice to see you, nice to look out in the audience and see your face, and nice to be able to tell Joe I don’t have wrist cancer. Always a pleasure ma’am. Always a pleasure.

  16. I do all my socks in the washer too. Mine are holding up fine except for the Bearfoot ones. They seem to be felting. I dry mine flat like you too, except they have to be matched up into pairs. I am weird like that. 🙂