Let’s Catch Up, Shall We?

Oh dear. Not again. I’m apparently hopeless at keeping this thing current. How about I just post a few more photos of our June trip to Montana? Some of them even have to do with knitting.


The car, ready to go. We’re light packers, what can I say? After we got all loaded up it dawned on us that we needed to pick up my sister Diane and her husband at the airport in Kalispell on the last leg of the trip out to our cabin. We hoped they were traveling light.


First stop, Spokane, at the historic Davenport Hotel.


Mr. Davenport interrupted his newspaper reading for a sock knitting lesson.


Our cabin on the river in Montana.


The family!


View across the river to Glacier National Park. It really sucked to have to look at that all week.


Polebridge Mercantile, a hopping place out in the middle of nowhere.


A nice little knitting spot.


Our Red Bus tour of Glacier.


There’s just nothing to say about that. We took about a million photos, and every view was spectacular. It’s just difficult to capture the magnificence of the park in photos.


I did find a few yarn shops along the way.


Some tough competition.


Just a little snow.


More crappy views.


Finished socks, just in time for Father’s Day.


I don’t really need to do a Finished Project post, do I? Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, color name A River Runs Through It. For John, same old pattern. I did a bit of modification around the ankle, doing the gusset decreases every third row for awhile so he can get them over his instep. I usually do my socks on 72 stitches, I did these on 76 stitches and they fit him perfectly.


Flute playing in a roadside campground! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I started taking flute lessons back in March. I used to play a million years ago, then it sort of fell by the wayside over the years. I bought a new flute in February, then found the Community Music Program at the University of Puget Sound here in Tacoma. I take a private lesson once a week, and yes, I did practice on the trip. I had to be a bit creative on the road trip back since playing in a hotel room probably would annoy people. We stopped at this campground which was totally deserted, and I practiced until the mosquitoes threatened to cart me off.

Enough for now. I’ll leave you with a photo of Lewey.


He wishes he could have gone along.


Let’s Catch Up, Shall We? — 13 Comments

  1. Wow, that looks like a great vacation. I really hope to visit that part of the country some day. Glad you had such a good time!

  2. Love, love, love that area!!! We’ve seen that view from the both sides. I even got to stay at The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton one time and made The Husb and The Kid have High Tea with me. They suffered through it just fine, but I was totally enchanted.

  3. We have friends who are from that area and they keep encouraging us to visit. We must take them up on that sometime. I’m sure Lewey was thrilled to see you when you returned. Is he missing Riley very much?

  4. Camas Creek Yarns in Kalispell, MT — I have been there! http://tinyurl.com/m4qpuqb
    Were you as freaked out by the Going To The Sun highway as I was? I spent a good deal of the ride NOT looking out the windows.
    What a great and glorious place, though!

  5. I’m with Kim on this one! What a great time for you and your family. I visited Glacier as a kid and sorry I never made it back! Thanks for the beautiful photos. (Lewey would have had a great time too.)

  6. Gosh! It all looks so idyllic!
    At first I thought that man you were giving the knitting tips to was your husband. “He sure looks different in this picture,” I said. I studied him for a while, wondering at his new hair style and odd skin tones, and finally the penny dropped! What a dummy I am!

  7. I’ve been as bad at blog reading as you’ve been at posting (well worse since I’m just now commenting on July 15!) But, in my defense, I did spend 3 weeks with my grands plus driving to & from Louisiana (& 2 of those weeks were IN Louisiana – so my brain got a little fried). I’ll never forget Glacier & the Red Bus. We went in ’88 when my daughter (momma of the 3 grands) was 12. We took the train – an Amtrak vacation. We stayed at the Lodge right across fro the Glacier train station. Our train was about 3 hours late so it was dark (& in the mountains, that’s really dark). My daughter had fallen asleep so half stumbled the block to the hotel & fell into bed. The dining room & lobby are in the center with 2 wings off to each side that contain the rooms. In the morning, we got up & went to breakfast. The “mountain” side of the hallway connecting the wing to the main building was a glass wall. My daughter stopped dead in her tracks & asked if it was real. It was so perfectly beautiful that it looked like a Disney set to her. Maybe next summer we can take the grands.

  8. Lorette!
    I love the photo with Mr. Davenport! He seems to be studying your hands so intently!

    Thank you for posting so many pictures. I live vicariously through you!