No knitting today. I’m still doing pink pink pink. Angie, if you’re trolling around here thinking you’re going to see something, think again. I’m not showing nothin’ till it’s done.

So you get dog pictures. Lewey got a toy for Christmas from John’s sister Ena. I neglected to get a photo of it when it was in one piece, and now it’s too late. It had a very tough nylon canvas shell, hard as a rock. Indestructible, the tag said.

There, that’s done!

We’re off to do our least favorite part of the holiday season: putting the decorations away.

Bah, humbug, I say.

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Lewey! — 14 Comments

  1. I kind of like taking the decorations down. It’s great to put them up, but when they come down everything looks so clean and open and fresh… it’s all good, I say! πŸ™‚

  2. indestructible my @ss. Looks like corgis are even worse on their toys than bassets.

    The only truly indestructible toys I have found are the heavy-duty kongs and an old sock with a couple of knots tied in it.

    Good luck on the toy search…
    Phyllis (food slave to 2 bassets)

  3. Has he been taking lessons from Maggie? We finally found a fabric ring with a squeaker that she can’t destroy. Next time we visit we’ll have to bring one for Lewey.

  4. So all you have to share with is us happy-dog photos? Bah. Who would ever want to see THAT?? (grin)

    (Chappy says hi!)

  5. Our Jessie used to do the same thing with stuffed toys. She could get the squeaker out of one so fast my head would spin.

  6. oh Lewey…and I thought my dog is the only one who could take apart anything labeled ‘indestructable’! Of course it’s cute to all of us :S

  7. yes. I admit it. My decorations are still up (inside the house only).. at least I got allthe outside ones down so my neighbors don’t have to be embarrassed. (heh heh)
    Lewey looks pretty smug!

  8. Lewey is just too darn cute!

    I carefully took down, packed and put all the plastic bins in the garage yesterday. My legs now hate me….too many trips up and down the garage stairs.

  9. I’m so happy for a Lewey picture! He’s such a cute dog. I think the word indestructible on dog toys, simply means it takes them 10 seconds longer to destroy. But then that’s 10 seconds of more fun.

    Hope your trip is wonderful!