Life Is Not Fair

Just as a brief addition to yesterday’s post, in the category of “life is not fair”:

During the 1st week of my participation in Weight Watchers, in which I faithfully counted points and ate only what I was supposed to, I lost 2.2 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with that,and if I lose that much every week, I’ll be ecstatic.

Last night at dinner, John asked me quietly, but with a slight smug smirk on his face, “Is it going to piss you off if I tell you how much weight I lost this week?” Of course I said yes, but I had to know anyway.

This would be my husband John, who really doesn’t need to lose weight, and who sort of followed the program but didn’t count points, and ate other crap besides.

He lost 7 freaking pounds.

It’s enough to make me want to go eat donuts.

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Life Is Not Fair — 30 Comments

  1. Yeah. Men have it easy. My husband and I ran together last summer and he lost like 30 pounds. I lost about 5. Makes me want to force feed him lard.

  2. That’s so totally true and frustrating…. same at our house, too. I follow WW faithfully and struggle and just by my cooking low-point meals etc. the skinny bum loses all the weight. Something isn’t quite right there, is it?

  3. When I was on WW last year, all my DH did was cut out sodas and a few sweets and he lost tons more than I did. He didn’t even eat well or count points! Hang in there!

  4. Ohhhhh, GRRRR! My husband has the same thing happen: when *I* watch what I eat, *HE* loses a bunch of weight.

  5. Don’t fret. I found my first few weeks of WW I hardly lost a thing. Then a few weeks into it my body got with the program and I really dropped weight.
    Hang in there and if it helps kisk your hubby in his skinny shins!

  6. Oy vey, that is not an unusual story. Stinkin’ men. It happens all the time. It’s the estrogen, I tell ya!

  7. Doesn’t it just make you nuts? All my husband needs to do to lose 5 pounds is skip a meal. Me? It take months of gut-wrenching hard work. Argh!

  8. Yes, men are like that. My husband, who loves to eat, went through a customer acceptance test with some customers. He was really stressed, and didn’t really worry about what he ate or didn’t and lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. If that was me, I would have gained 20 pounds.
    Yup, just another reason why men get on our nerves…
    But, from one girl to another, your 2.2 pounds is really fantastic!

  9. That just plain stinks — and it’s definitely the way things work at my house, too. My fat’s just different — different than it was on my own body only 5-10 years ago, and VERY different from his.

  10. That’s ok – inspired by you I decided to go on my own program. I decided to step up my exercise. Last week I biked at least 20 miles on my recumbent stationary bike and walked at least 3 miles more. I GAINED 2 pounds. Rats!

  11. My husband can also lose weight whenever he wants, with seemingly no trouble at all. SO not fair! But keep working at it – you’ll reach your goal soon.

  12. Dorothy, working out replaces fat with muscle, so you might gain some weight.
    I guess I’m the lucky one since my HB has serious issues with weight while I struggle once in a while but keep my healthy weight.

  13. Don’t go eat donuts! It will only make you feel worse. My husband has weighed less than me for as long as i have known him and he always loses weight when I’m trying to. Totally not fair but don’t let your husband’s progress hinder your own. Keep at it – you’ll reach your goal too. And you’ll feel AWESOME when you do.

  14. oooooooooooooooo Drives me nuts! Here I am weighing my food, riding my bike, walking the dogs, lifting weights, doing yoga. One paltry pound. Here he is, no snacks after dinner, 5 pounds. I could scream.

  15. It’s so not fair how easily men lose weight! But that’s ok — hang in there!

  16. hmmmm…….at least we have one of their ribs, right??? hahahaha! Remember …get a whole glaze donut and just eat the hole ;}

  17. It’s surprising how many men lose weight quickly at the start of a diet; keep in mind that alot of them are starting out at a higher weight, so percentage wise, the loss isn’t as impressive as it might seem. Having more muscle also helps to keep the calories burning. 2.2 lbs is great – it’s better than gaining that same 2.2 lbs.

  18. It’s all that constant channel hopping with the T.V. remote – must burn off calories! πŸ˜‰
    Sigh, it is just one true thing about life and weightloss that sucks, men lose more with less effort.

  19. What a bummer! Hang in there m’lady – the resuls are totally worth the effect –
    Sometimes, it just takes a little longer to jump start ze Fem Metabolism –
    how I know this? heheheheh

  20. Congrats on your loss Lorette!
    My WW lecturer used to say that men have a Cadillac engine while women have a skateboard!
    Men naturally lose much quicker than women…is it any consolation that you’ll live longer? πŸ™‚

  21. Isn’t that so annoying! My husband did the same thing. I have about 15 to lose and started running and working out again, so he decided to do the same thing. He lost like 10 pounds instantly in the time it took me to lose 1. Sigh. At least I know that if I keep up the running my hormones will adjust to it and my testosterone will rise a little and I should get back my fast metabolism of the past. But for now I will remain totally p.o.’d that it was so easy for him to lose that weight!