Lorette Needs…

Nothing, apparently. I swiped this one from Deb, though I’ve seen it around the blog world. Go to Google, put in "your name needs", with your name of course, and the quotation marks. List the results on your blog. When I put in "Lorette needs" I get nothing. No hits. That must mean something, I’m sure. So I tried "Lori needs" instead. That’s fair, because my sister Diane called me Lori for years. Here’s what I get:

Lori needs our help and support now more than ever.

Lori needs ideas and volunteers.

Lori needs to be aware of her own anger and how it


Lorette Needs… — 13 Comments

  1. Don’t feel bad, Rebekah needs didn’t bring anything up for me either. Oh well, I guess I’m just not a needy individual. By the way, love the pictures on the left of your animal babies, so cute.

  2. That Lori chick sure needs a lot of stuff. It’s a fun little thing to do, though–the stuff I found when I Googled my alter ego was absolutely outrageous!
    Now, Lorette, go find Fred and that Prozac.

  3. I think I can top any out there:
    “…and I believe mary kay needs a boatload of therapy.” This, from a forum discussing Mary Kay LeTourneau and her marriage to her dude.
    Then, not quite so dramatic but actually quite lame, are all the “Contact ____ for your Mary Kay needs” sites for the different Mary Kay Cosmetics consultants. No, I do not drive a pink cadillac.
    Back to knitting.

  4. I know where you are! I wish you luck with your writing… I’m just missing your posts, but completely understand and hopefully your get email from Typepad alerting of comments…I don’t need a comment back- Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and your task 🙂

  5. Hi, I found your site by doing the “Lorette needs” thing. Guess what came up first–Lorette needs The Knitting Doctor. —Lorette

  6. Hi, I came across your site by doing the “Lorette needs” thing. Guess what came up first–Lorette needs the Knitting Doctor. –Lorette