Me, Weird?

I was tagged awhile ago by Jane for the “Six Weird Things About Me” meme. My first thought was, only six? But here goes.

1. I sleep with a teddybear named Sweetpea. She also travels with me when we go on vacation. She will only fly coach and up, never in cargo. She far prefers Princess class, as do I.

2. My family refers to me as the Queen. It’s taken me years to indoctrinate them in this practice. I secretly think they are only humoring me, or worse, mocking me. Every once in awhile one of them slips and calls me a Princess. I remind them, gently, that even a Princess has to answer to someone, and that would be the Queen.

3. I have a split personality. At work I am extraordinarily, compulsively obsessive-compulsive. (If your doctor has to be neurotic, obsessive-compulsiveness is a good neurosis to choose. My other neurosis is obsessive hand-washing, another fine choice for a doctor.) At home however, my organizational skills could best be described as slobbishness.

4. I am a world class klutz. We routinely clean coffee spills off carpets and walls around here. One might recall the walking and drinking episode. My second best, not involving any blood or surgery, was when I set my coffee go-cup on the roof of the car while I was getting stuff out to go to work. When I bent over, the coffee cup tipped over, dumping coffee down the back of my nice white doctor’s coat. It was entertaining explaining to the dry cleaners how I managed to dump coffee down my back.

5. I have a phobia about basements. Specifically, I am terrified of darkish basements with lots of exposed pipes and wiring in the ceiling. Give me bugs and dismembered body parts anytime. Water pipes in the ceiling? They reduce me to a whimpering wreck.

6. I hate talking on the phone. I think this is because I talk on the phone all day long at work. When the phone rings at home, my husband gets the “don’t you dare hand that phone to me” look from me.

I’m not tagging anyone, as I’m pretty sure everyone else in the blog world has done this. If you haven’t, have at it.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was lovely. Ours was, though it’s not quite over yet. We’re flying to Arizona to visit my sisters next week, and we’ll have another Christmas there. My family has always celebrated the holiday on whatever day we happen to be together, rather than be stuck to a specific date. I say, bring on the presents, no matter what the calendar says!

Here’s to a Happy New Year to all! Good knitting, and lots of yarn for everyone.


Me, Weird? — 15 Comments

  1. Dear Lorette
    Have a wonderful 2007, too. I love to read about your Six Weird Things.

  2. I too, am pretty neat and organized at work and a complete failure at those two attributes at home. I hate to think of what that will do to my children. I hope to see you at Madrona again this year.

  3. I’m astonished by the number of other people who hate talking on the phone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yeah, and coffee spillage? There’s a reason I wear black shirts 99% of the time….

  4. I could totally relate to all your weirdness!
    Hope Christmas #1 was wonderful, enjoy #2 and have a happy, healthy New Year Lorette!

  5. Well, I too, am weird like you in several ways … ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m so glad to know someone else who celebrates the holidays more than just one day! Have a fun time with your family, and happy 2007!

  6. i have a friend at work who prefers to be a Princess because the Queen has responsibilities and the Princess does not. Something to think about. And I, too, hate talking on the phone, so you are forgiven if you don’t call me. In fact, I put off making even important phone calls because I hate talking on the phone so much. However, I have never in my life managed to dump coffee down my back. And I thought I was the world’s biggest klutz! Have a wonderful visit with you sisters and a Happy New Year!

  7. I can relate to your weird things! In particular, I can be klutzy. The other day, I was sitting and knitting, and picked up a fresh, steaming cup of tea for a sip. I dropped it in my lap – ouch! Was it even more weird to be more concerned about the knitting than my own legs? :0)

  8. LOL on several of these. I, too, have phonophobia. And when He DOES hand it to me, you should see the OTHER look I give him.
    I so remember the drinking and walking.

  9. I’m a medical student and I’m the same way. At school I’m extremely OCD, but at home I’m a complete slob.
    It’s nice to know there are other knitting doctors (or soon to be doctors in my case) out there. I’ve really enjoyed your blog since I found it.

  10. And I thought I was clumsy! Coffee down your back? Now THAT’S talent! I don’t think it’s funny that you were seriously hurt, but now added to the other “stuff”, jeeze, can’t take you anywhere! Can’t even leave you at home! Hope you have another wonderful Christmas with your family and a very Happy New Year to you all! xo

  11. Interesting weirdness!! My mother is with you on basements. She doesn’t even like finished basements!!
    Coffee down the back is interesting and creative!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours–and to SweatPea!