Guayabitos, to be specific. We spent a week at exactly this same spot last year. We loved it so much that we booked for this year as soon as we got home. I won't do a long post with lots of photos, since the wifi is a bit slow, but here's my morning.

And that's pretty much been my week. Sunshine, ocean in the background, knitting, practicing flute, siestas, and a cold Pacifico or two. Happy hour daily with margaritas at sunset. Strolls into town for lunch and/or dinner.
We go home tomorrow, which will be OK, since you can't really stay here forever. And Zoe is patiently waiting for us! She became officially “abandoned” by her previous so-called family on Wednesday last week, and we left Friday for here, so she is being boarded with her vet family. We'll pick her up and bring her home on Monday!




Mexico! — 4 Comments

  1. I need a break from the wet and gloom. Seeing photos of your Mexican vacation makes me envious! Congrats on the new family member. I love black cats…since my very first cat was black. I’ll adopt two or three this Spring after I return from a one-week get-away. My home has been without a kitty since November and It feels strange.