Miles & Miles of I-Cord

Hey, that could be a country-western song!

I’m nearly done with that endless baby blanket. I have to say that I almost wienied out on doing the I-cord that this pattern suggests. By the time I got to the last pattern row, I had 544 stitches on the needle, and the thought of doing I-cord around all that was enough to make me want to drink bourbon.

Wait, I already drink bourbon. Oh well.

Here it is. I’ve almost finished three sides, so don’t have too much left to go.

I really like this yarn. Since it’s taken me so long to finish this thing, I’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten what I’m doing here. This is Knitpicks City Tweed, in the heavy worsted weight. It’s very soft and squishy, and I just hope it holds up well. It’s soft enough that I’d worry a bit about pilling and wear, but we’ll see. Baby blankets don’t need to last forever, after all.

I’ll be glad when I get this done and off in the mail before the intended recipient is old enough for college. I need to finish John’s True Blue sweater next, since the Major Knitter and I have just committed to a knit-along starting November 1st. Here’s what we’ll be knitting. We were planning on doing a Rogue knit-along, then saw this, and fell hard. Within about thirty minutes, we’d both changed our minds and ordered the Black Water Abbey yarn for Faery Ring. Mine will be in Haw, which is a lipstick-scarlet red. I believe the Major will be knitting hers in Wine.

Here are the Ravelry links for the pattern. There are two versions, but the only difference is the range of sizes. The pattern is free, which makes up a bit for the fact that I just bought a couple thousand yards of yarn for the danged thing. There’s even a Ravelry group, of course. Anybody want to join us? We’ll see if either the Major or I can hold off on casting on until November 1st!

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Miles & Miles of I-Cord — 19 Comments

  1. It’s an amazing sweater! I would love to knit it, but alas, I need a larger size. This is probably not the pattern to try and resize. But I’ll be following your progress!

  2. Yeah! I can hardly wait! I did order the wine colored yarn, and already received confirmation that it is being shipped tonight. I am definitely going to hold off on ordering those buttons until I’m close to the finish line (but I did send an email for a price query). I am really hoping to hold off until November (or so) so I can finish all the other things in the knitting queue first. I’m so glad we decided to do this. What fun!

  3. Whew! Good thing you finished one humongous project, to segue into the next. (That’s a lot of stick-needles-in-eyes-I-cord.)

  4. Oh man! I am so, so tempted. But my hands are still aching from all those worsted weight baby sweaters and we’ll be having house guests in the form of toddlers and all the hoopla with getting my replacement. Well, obviously the timing is just not right. I had downloaded the pattern several months ago. Not sure where I saw it first, but it really spoke to me. What size are you making? It only goes up to 42″, which doesn’t give much wiggle room for me.

  5. Ooh, that looks like a fun sweater. If you muse about it while you work on the i-cord, you might forget you’re doing so much i-cord.

  6. so happy to see the larger size – at first I clicked on the original & it just broke my heart that it that the largest size was a few inches too small -. I started thinking well maybe I could knit it in an Aran weight with size 8 or 9 needles & it would come out just right. Nice to see that I won’t have to do that. I (hopefully) will be finished with the 3 Wonderful Wallabies I’m making for the grands for their BD’s (vet inconsiderate of my DD to not space them out but have them all in Sept & Nov!) & thier halloween costumes by Nov 1. So I’m crossing my fingers that I can join the KAL.

  7. Well. Really. That was just evil and in-called-for, to show me that sweater. How could you? Meanie.
    I will watch longingly from the sidelines while you knit that beauty, wishing all the while that I had time to work up even a dishcloth.
    It’s gorgeous!!

  8. gorgeous sweater (Faery Ring) I forget who’s blog I saw it on recently, but its wonderful. (Ah yes, she mutters to self as she follows the link.. it was that one!.. silly me)
    And that icord appears it would be a two-drink job. yikes.
    yet how fabulous that you are almost finished!

  9. Looks like a mighty tempting knitalong, and I, too, have a significant amount of red yarn in my stash, just need to have some time, too. I’ll participate vicariously through you πŸ˜‰

  10. If there’s one way to make sure I never complete a project, its to join a knit a long πŸ™‚
    The baby blanket, from what I can see, is really nice. I’m tempted by the City Tweed, but alas already have too much yarn. I’m banning myself from any purchases.

  11. The blanket is beautiful, and I’m sure it will be passed down from baby to baby and probably last forever.
    Great choice for a sweater. If I weren’t so mired in existing projects, I might have joined you. But I’m gearing up for a serious year of stranded knitting (with what I hope will be my first Alice Starmore).

  12. Congrats on getting that baby blanket finished (I have two sweaters that were started for my son. Both in the UFO pile. Now waiting for granchildren to finish them…)
    The Faery Ring is a great knit – I have the sleeves started on mine.

  13. Ha! I’ve had the Faery Ring bookmarked and after reading your post printed out the pattern and signed up for the KAL. Beautiful baby blanket, I’m sure the new little one will love it.

  14. Hi again! I’ve joined the ravelry KAL–thanks so much for the info on the Tuilich version! I’m trying decide on yarn…I really like the idea of starting with you folks in November…I’ll watch for more info on “the official start”. Are you going to have a separate page for that or just post progress here? It sounds like the participants of the KAL are having fun and successfully knitting some amazing sweaters!