More Bluegrass

Here are a few more pictures from our bluegrass excursion last weekend. The Columbia river area is just spectacular, and Stevenson is a fun little town. Saturday before the banjo fun started, we stopped at a local watering hole for a little lunch and some fine Columbia Valley wine. Of course, I took my knitting. I was the only knitter at the bar that day.


After lunch, I continued on with the sock. A woman at the next table was fascinated by the sight of all those needles. I might have converted a new knitter.


Lest you think that I have lost my touch, the coffee was after lunch, so I could stay awake until after midnight. I did have wine with lunch.

After lunch, we joined the festival at Skamania Lodge. The afternoon concert was on the lawn behind the lodge.


Here was the view from the stage:


One lucky couple had planned an outdoor wedding here on Saturday, not realizing that there was a bluegrass festival going on. Apparently they didn’t want banjo music during the ceremony, so the festival organizers were nice enough to stop the music for half an hour so they could get hitched. There they are in the distance.


My sweetie was nice enough to go get us some wine.



The festival moved to the county fairgrounds for the evening show.


Not a bad view there, either. Country Current, the Navy bluegrass band, played in the early evening.


After the show I played groupie and got my picture taken with the banjo man, Keith Arneson. Yes, banjo players can have groupies.


I had my picture taken with another festival favorite at one of the food stands.


One of my favorite things about this festival was the cookie people. They came around every evening with trays of warm homemade cookies, giving them away to the crowd.


There were a few knitters at the festival, but I didn’t get very good pictures of them. I also had two different women come up to me Saturday night to ask “Is that Rogue that you’re wearing?”. I love knitters.

Next post, the trip home, with (gasp) a project update.


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  1. Looks like a beautiful day to be outside listening to music. And what’s not to like about a concert where they hand out cookies??

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and cool. I love it when I knit a sock in public and see how fascinated people get with all those needles.

  3. What a wonderful experience! Music, knitting, AND warm cookies! I just found your blog. Think I’ll hang around a bit, if that’s ok!

  4. Well, I don’t know about banjo music but free music at a wedding is always nice! Isn’t it great when people can recognize your knit items? I’ve had that happen with my Clapotis several times. That’s a spectacular view of the mountains, something I don’t get here in dry old NYC :))

  5. That’s so funny about Rogue. And I love me some banjo. Stems from my days as a Mummer’s Parade Baby – all those string bands.
    You should check out the Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band – I think you’d really like it if you haven’t already heard it. Great stuff. Lots of banjo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. What a great trip. I wonder if the Navy Bluegrass band ever plays here at Whidbey. Do they have any kind of website with a schedule? I have to laugh at the comments people make when they see me knitting with 5 needles. Non-knitters think it is some kind of magic act! Or else they think it must be very thrifty knitting your own socks. I refrain from enlightening them.

  7. Wow, I’ll have to put that on my list of things to do the last weekend in July—and local wine too? Heaven!
    Just curious—no condemnation here, girl—but did you manage to have enough points?

  8. I see you are a sudoku puzzle fan. I love these things and am addicted to them. I call them my anti-alzhiemer (sp) therapy.

  9. Your bluegrass event looks fantastic!! I need to get your ticker vw bug progress marker for my WW progress. I didn’t “journal” at all last week and this week my entire family will be in town to celebrate my parents’ 80th birthdays. This evening my sister is making bratwurst for dinner–each wurst has enough fat and points for an entire week!!!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love sharing my Barcelona photos.
    If you go to the La Droguerie in Nice, I hear that this store is not as spectacular as the one in Paris–smaller and not as much variety. A detour to Paris may be in order!!

  10. Looks like it was a lot of fun!
    Once upon a time, I was in Lanesboro, MN, during some sort of bluegrass seminar. It was the WEIRDEST weekend, because everywhere we went in town, there were a couple of people sitting on fence or curb or something, playing. It was like living in “O Brother…” for a weekend. Surreal yet fun

  11. Hooray for converts! Put a notch in your needle…Thanks for sharing the vacation pics, looks like a lovely place to be! Makes me want to leave work for for some R & R.

  12. Looks like fun. The wine looks yummy. Were there funnel cakes? Sweet, yummy funnel cakes full of fried cake batter delicious-ness.