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Stephanie posted a picture of one of her knitting gadgets recently. Claudia also has a swell drug-dealer’s scale that she boasts about regularly. Between the two of them, they got me coveting one of these.




It’s a Vector Fuzion Xtreme XTR-500, and it’s very tiny. It will weigh up to 500 grams, which is all I really need it for. This one was relatively reasonably priced, as I can’t really justify dropping a sweater’s worth of cash on a scale, when all I really need to do is weigh sock yarn. It also will fit into my knitting bag, so I can keep track of how much yarn I have left when knitting socks. Sweet!

And yes, it appears that I will likely be able to get a pair of baby socks out of the leftovers from my current sock-in-progress.

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  1. Fit in the knitting bag is the ticket! Just a minute ago I weighted the yarn I have left for toe #2 or sock number #2. Sock #1 weighs 1.6 oz. Sock #2 WITH 3 NEEDLES weighs 1.8 oz. One needle will not move the scale and I refuse to pull out the needles to weigh this thing. I am going to knit to the end (either the end of the toe or the end of the yarn, or maybe both) If I run out of yarn it can be:
    1. Sunday socks
    2. Pick-up stitches and unravel the ribbing and reknit both ribbing with shorter legs.
    3. crying in not an option!
    Wish me luck…….Now I realize that I should have written a blog entry in my blog instead of a comment here! Oh well. Cut and paste I will.

  2. Oh, I’m so envious! I’ve been hunting down a scale since seeing those two bloggers’, as well! Enjoy your new toy! :0)

  3. I use my digital kitchen scale which looks like a mini bathroom scale. One day two of our resident international students told me they were haveing problems trying to weigh themselves. They were standing on tip toes on the kitchen scale which only weighs up to 2 kilos. Thank goodness it survived, but we killed ourselves laughing. One said “It just looks like a smaller one of our scale in Germany.”

  4. I love making up equal balls with my scale for two socks at once. Of course, then it’s a matter of making the yarn stretch to the end of both of them.
    I like your cute scale. It looks perfect for the job.

  5. Ooooh…covet, covet. How much did that set you back? I use my digital kitchen scale (Salter) for soapmaking and weighing yarn, but it’s only accurate down to the 2 gram level, which isn’t really as precise as I’d like.

  6. Very nice little scale!! And it fits into the knitting bag, what a deal!! It’s about time knitters got into electronic gadgets!!

  7. i love that little scale. i think that it would be the perfect thing to put on my wish list. thanks for enabling.

  8. I have one and haven’t used it for yarn yet, but am going to use it for the STR sock club yarn…BTW, where are you? I’ve missed your posts.