More Knitting, More Cruising

Well, not really more cruising, just more cruise pictures. Yes, there are more. In my last post, I left you on the coast of Africa. We sailed from there to the Canary Islands, to Lanzarote. We were just there long enough for a short tour of the island, and a camel ride. Touristy, yes, but it was worth a lot of laughs. I will admit that it was a bit like the pony rides at the carnival, but good for a few photos.



Doesn’t everybody knit socks on the back of a camel?

John made friends with the girl camel behind us. At least we think she was a girl.


We also made friends with the couple on the camel behind us, Bert and Suzie.


That photo also shows a little of the landscape of Lanzarote, which is more or less a volcanic rock pile. For the record, these animals are actually dromedaries. Check out the link for an explanation of what makes a dromedary a dromedary.

Our next stop was Funchal, on the island of Madeira. This was probably one of my favorite places on the trip, and we actually plan to go back (hopefully next year!). We took a little tour by bus up into the mountains for the day.



I even met another knitter. We didn’t share more than about three words in common (Madeira is Portuguese), but we spoke the universal language of the world, knitting.


She knits those hats on long double points, with the working yarn looped around her neck. The wool is from local sheep. We had a short stitch-n-bitch session together.


Of course, she wasn’t just standing there knitting. She was selling those hats, and I had to buy one as the price of the photos. It was worth it.


I didn’t have time to find a yarn shop in Funchal before we had to board the ship, but I know there must be one. Of course, that’s not the only reason I want to go back. They make wine there, too. Our last stop at the end of the tour was at the Old Blandy Wine Lodge, to taste some fine Madeira. Here I am with a couple of my cruise buddies, enjoying some of the local agricultural products.


Next up on the cruise: we set sail for America!


And to prove that this is indeed a knitting blog, here are a couple photos of the finished Pippa sweater. I got the buttons sewn on this morning, and did one of those flash-in-the-mirror photos. I’ll try to get a better one when my photographer gets home. For now this will have to do.



It’s currently in the washing machine getting a much needed wash. I decided that this didn’t need blocking prior to seaming, so I didn’t wash the pieces before putting them together. Since this one got dragged all over Europe and parts of Africa, it really needed a good soak. Once it’s dry, I’ll get John to get a better modeling shot. Though I kind of like the flash over the face look. It hides the fact that I didn’t bother with makeup this morning.

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  1. I’m not sure why, but the camel rides look SO very entertaining. [mentally adding “ride a camel” to list of things to do before I die…]

  2. Oh I love your pictures so much. The ones of you knitting on the back of the camel were too much, if someone had the oddest place I ever knit contest, you’d win.
    That’s a cute hat and you help support a local knitter.

  3. How cool! Knitting on a camel, finding a knitter (I totally understand how the hat is the “cost” of the photos! It was like that in Mexico) and Pippa completed! Woo Hoo! That’s a great sweater.

  4. Great knitting tip from the hat lady! Wrap the working yarn around your neck. How very practical! Your cruise sounds amazing!

  5. What a hoot! Knitting on the back of a camel! You’re lucky that critter didn’t try to bite you! When my husband was touring in the Jordan, the camels hated him! One in particular would try to bite and/or spit on him. DH has nothing good to say about that mode of transportation! πŸ™‚
    Pippa looks wonderful! I have the back half done but put it away for a rest since I really did not like the yarn I chose. You’ve inspired me to get it out and finish it. Your’s fits so well!

  6. I just happened by but had to comment on the camel knitting. We knitters are the ultimate multitaskers, eh?! Also the first picture with you holding the sock and needles out into the picture – too funny.

  7. Fabulous sweater!!! When you take a vacation, you don’t fool around! Knitting on camels and getting cool & unique hats! When you tell folks you knit with camel, that can be taken 2 ways!;) The only place I’ve lately is the vacationland of flu.

  8. My, what a fabulous trip! My husband said we can take our next vacation anywhere I want to go and you are providing some wonderful inspiration.

  9. Pippa looks great! Still loving those vacation photos! And knitting during a camel ride is perfectly normal, I’m sure, as long as your knitting doesn’t smell like a camel. That’s where you have to draw the line! =)

  10. Sigh. you make me mss travelling.
    and kntting. i miss knitting.
    soon, soon I’ll knit again. πŸ™‚ but for now.. back to the baby!

  11. Wow – knitting on a camel. How cool! Makes knitting in my recliner seem so so boring. Of course, it’s pretty “exciting” out here in the wilderness knitting without electricity. Oh, ok, we’re not that deprived. We have a generator or I wouldn’t be posting. Pippa is lovely – can’t wait to see a proper model shot.

  12. Knitting on a camel…!! Waaaooow..Nice colour and sweater you have made..Greatings from Norway..I’ll be back..Have a nice “before-Christmas-week” :o)

  13. What a marvelous trip you had!! The knitting lady with the hats–priceless!! I love the camel photos. Back in 1968 my parents and the kids were at the pyramids, riding camels, and my dad ran out of film in his camera!!! Glad you had plenty of space on your disk!! How are you faring with the terrible weather, winds, etc??

  14. Great account of the SnB. I usually get snagged by the faux gladiator in Rome who sells his picture opportunities and nothing else.