More Ripping

Jeesh, this is supposed to be an easy pattern.  Big needles, bulky yarn, mostly stockinette stitch.

I didn’t like the second version of the cable on the blue sweater either.  I realized that what it needed was a purl stitch on each side of the cable to set it off.  It was just too smushed into the stockinette stitches surrounding the cable.  Instead of taking the whole thing back to that damn garter hem, I just undid one stitch on either side of the cable and let it unravel (ravel?) down.  Just like running a nylon.   Here is what it looked like on the second side:


Then I used a crochet hook and purled that stitch back up.  Now here is what it looked like:


And a few rows later:


This, I like.  I might do this cable up the sleeve with a garter hem instead of the wide ribbing.  We’ll see.

Someone asked about the stitch markers.  Yes, I made them.  I went sort of nutty in the bead store and bought a bunch of beads along with the necessary tools and hardware and spent an afternoon making a bunch.  They are quite festive; it takes little to amuse me, as you can see.

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More Ripping — 9 Comments

  1. Neatly done! Lots of beginners don’t realize that they can ravel back just a column of work to get to a mistake that needs fixing, or to do an afterthought improvement. Your excellent results prove that it’s not only possible – if done carefully, it can be undetectable. And (pardon the expression) it’s not brain surgery either. Without any authority to do so, I award you a Knitting Merit Badge. [grin]

  2. Amazing what the addition of an extra purl stitch can do. It does make all the difference in popping that cable out. Lovely stuff!

  3. What a great ripping tale! I have taken stitches down many inches and across rows when I find an error in moss stitch for example. It is so COOL to see the fixed result! You have a lovely gallery of FO’s!

  4. Thanks everybody! This is actually fun to do, makes you feel like a “real” knitter!
    The yarn is Schoeller Stahl Sunshine. I bought it online from; I don’t think they have it any longer. It’s a wool/nylon blend.

  5. Dropping stitches on purpose…so much more satisfying than accidentally dropping one. And your results are such an improvement. I like the way the cable stands out now. Good thinking!