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I’m back from the land of bluegrass. Wintergrass this year was wonderful, as usual. It was capped off by a truly marvelous performance by the Bluebirds as the closing act. The Bluebirds are Linda Ronstadt, Laurie Lewis, and Maria Muldaur, in their first and perhaps only performance. They packed the Pavilion at the Sheraton, and for good reason. I only hope that somebody thought to record it for a future CD.

The top name acts were wonderful as usual. There are always one or two bands that I haven’t heard of that turn out to be fantastic. This year it was the Grascals, and the Wilders. You can see the Wilders live over the internet…click on the “listen” link, and then the video link. They really do have that much energy in person. Both were dynamite groups, and I will look for them again. I’m already ready to get my tickets for next year!

The hours spent at the festival made for some good knitting time. I worked a little bit on John’s sock, but mostly on Rogue. Other than the cable bits, this made for good concert knitting. I finished the back last night, and am ready to work on the front.


Here is a photo of the cable detail up the side.


I’m a bit nervous about doing the front with the throat cabling extending into the hood, but will forge ahead. So far this pattern has had very explicit instructions, so I have no reason to believe that this won’t be the case for the next section.

In my blog travels this morning, I found two links that amused me. Of course it doesn’t take much to amuse me. They are both from Smatterings, a relatively new knitting blog. Check it out!

The first is the Numa Numa video. (Click on the “watch this movie” link on the right side of the screen.) I’m probably the last person in Internet-land to have seen this.

The second link is a medical one. Don’t try these things at home.


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  1. Envy!! It must have been wonderful. I love festivals because of the great knitting time to the best music around. Glad it was great fun for you. Rogue is looking very nice. You’ll do fine…just follow the pattern row by row…it all works out.

  2. small hint on the division of cable. i don’t know which version of the pattern you have, but you may end up with a lonely stitch on a stitch holder. I just knit 2 together at the beginning of the second side.

  3. Your Rogue is looking great!
    I’m jealous that you got to see Linda Ronstadt and Maria Muldaur, on the same stage even. I cannot even tell you what “Midnight at the Oasis” means to me…

  4. I love the NumaNuma link – I usually hate those sorts of things, but that one was good! What yarn are you using for Rogue? I went back through your posts to see if it was listed, and if it is, I missed it! I want to start one for my plane trips in two weeks and have been trying to figure out what yarn to get.

  5. That festival sounds so fun. My husband and I always tune into this bluegrass show on our public radio station, and I am sure a festival like this would be amazing!
    Your Rogue is beautiful. I love the color you chose, and your cables are really popping out beautifully! Lovely work 🙂

  6. yesterday i just turned the hem row on my rogue, now you have me excited for kangaroo pocketing. i am scared out of my mind about cap sleeves, i have never done them well…and am thinking of tweaking the pattern into raglan form.
    i am curious about the database you created for your yarn, have been thinking i would like to do this too. i think i can at least match your 100,000 yards…and don’t know if i am proud or sad about that.

  7. Hi Lorette – what a great Rogue! I just found your site through Kristen’s and I love to see medical types that knit! How do you like being a hospitalist? Happy Knitting!

  8. The festival sounds like so much fun!
    Rogue looks great! Don’t worry about the front. As we all know, her directions are amazing!