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I have done little knitting today.  I have changed my “Finished Projects” page, and added several old projects from photos I had stored.  I have done a number of items that either never got photographed, or the photos are lost.  We’ve only had a digital camera for about a year, so anything before that was hit or miss as to whether I got it on film.  Several of these were gifts so I can’t go back and get pics.
Then there are the items for which I just do not want a photographic record.  My own “Little Shop of Knitting Horrors”.  Someday when I’m truly bored and have nothing to do, I’ll take pictures of some of them.

Oh, OK, here is one:


Knit from this:


I finally got tired of calling this a WIP today and took it off the needles.  The cats wouldn’t even play with it.  It feels a little like a dead squirrel.  Anybody have any ideas of what I can do with two and a half balls of this stuff?  It was cheap, so if “throw it away” is the most common vote, I would not be opposed to that.

I’m working on pictures of a few other WIP’s (none that are THAT butt-ugly), and will have them up in a day or two.  My goal today is actually to do some knitting…I want to finish the back of John’s striped sweater and get started on the endless front expanse.  At least it’s an easy pattern stitch so I can listen to an audio book or watch a movie.

My next blog challenge is to get pictures of my pets in the sidebar.  If they are there, I’ve succeeded.  If not, back to the drawing board.  The orange cat is Lucy, the dog is Riley, otherwise known as the pure-bred brown dog.  The 3rd pet is Willie the cat, who thinks he’s a dog.  He was not feeling very photogenic today; maybe another day.

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


More Work on the Blog — 8 Comments

  1. You could knit a blanket for your guest bed…ensuring that guests will not outstay their welcome!

  2. Congratulations on your new Blog. It looks great! I started one a couple of months ago and really enjoy it. I think it helps to keep me focused. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. There’s a dog sweater made out of Fun Fur (which is kinda like Cisne) on the Lion Brand ( website.
    Of course, your dog would probably run away from home…
    If you hate it, I vote toss it.

  4. Congrats on your new blog. Your pets are so cute! My vote is to toss the yarn if you don’t like it – life’s too short to hang onto something that bugs you. I have a new blog, too. Come visit me!

  5. i like sarah’s toy squirrel idea! and freakishly, i kinda like the scarf. seriously. i’m weird like that.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. I re-stashed the not-yet-knitted squirrel yarn, and made a cat toy out of the part I had already knit up. Picture later..

  7. You’re off to a great start on your blog! I was looking through your fantastic FO’s and had a question … what heel stitch did you use on the Strawberry Waffle socks? I’ve never seen that before.