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photo_update_121604_009In keeping with the latest trend, here are a few pictures of my office.  This is the “bonus room” of our house, and is a balcony room overlooking the main living area.  It has a spectacular view out over the lake, and serves as a writing room, work office, and the knitting room.

Here is what one of the desks looks like:

My other desk is an ancient oak rolltop.  I haven’t been able to get the top down over all the crap for decades.


If you were wondering, “Is that a crown on her desk?”, why yes, it is a crown!


A friend gave me this crown, clearly realizing my royal potential.  I wore it to the hospital all day on Halloween this year.  Most of the patients loved it; a few were clearly confused as to why the Queen was visiting them in the hospital and asking them how their breathing was doing.

In case anybody in knitblog world thinks they have the most books, you are dead wrong.  Here are five of my bookshelves:




There are three more of those ceiling high bookcases in the lower level of my house.  And books in stacks all over the floor as well. Even if they had been able to fit in my office, I’d have been afraid to have that much weight all in one balcony room!  Every so often my husband has a meltdown and insists that we weed out some crap and give it away.  When this happens, I spend an agonizing several days going through all the books to find ones that I can get rid of.  I almost always find at least one little box that I can part with.

There is knitting going on in this house, and actually out of the house as well.  Remember this?


I’ve used up one whole ball of yarn, and spliced in the second ball (of three) while at the theater last night, matching the stripes perfectly, I might add.  We went to Noises Off, at the Seattle Rep.  If you live in the area, go see this; it is very well done. On a much sadder note, Tacoma Actors Guild folded last night due to financial difficulties.  They were the only professional theater group in Tacoma, and have done some fine work over the years.  We were at their last performance Wednesday night; of course we didn’t know it was the last one.  Here’s hoping that some huge corporation bails them out and fills their Christmas stocking with a wad of cash.


My Desk — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Lorette! I feel mo bettah now. I have one room upstairs that houses the medical textbooks and notes and journals and lots of crap. Then, there’s the sewing/knitting/scrapbooking/rubber stamping and computer room. It houses the craft books and other paraphenalia associated with the various crafts. I can die happy now knowing that I am not the only one. Yay!
    Now, back to Christmas shopping (and wrapping, and picking up the house…).

  2. I think my Mom beats you out on books-she had more than 6,000 at last count and my Dad is keeping up with her requests for shelving pretty well…

  3. Lorette, since you’re a doctor, I want you to be very careful about using the expression “you are dead wrong.” 🙂 I could have rivaled your bookshelves at one time in my life, but I’ve downsized considerably, so I’m giving up the title to you…another reason to wear a crown.

  4. If the wine doctor is in-Is it too late to open that bottle of 1987 Torres-Sangre de Toro that you brought to our house, oh probably 6 months after it was bottled? PS-Get a housekeeper, it is obvious that John hasn’t the knack.