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This past week has gotten away from me.  It was a hectic week at work, and this week we have a house full of family, with my husband’s two children and their families here for vacation.   Between them they have three children under the age of three (seven months, one year, and two and a half).  We all packed up and went to the state fair yesterday, which was an all day experience.  I have some pictures from the craft pavilion that I might get around to posting later on.  At any rate, I haven’t gotten much knitting done.  Penelope, the oldest grandchild, is fascinated by knitting, and at the “why” age.  Why are you knitting a sock?  What are you doing with that yarn?

The sock in question is this:


The yarn is Rodel Sport & Strumpf Wolle, which I bought in Germany when we were there earlier this year.  I was going to do the Cloverleaf Rib sock pattern, with that insanely fine gauge stuff I posted about last time.  After about three starts and three frogs, I threw in the towel.  I just don’t need this kind of stress at the moment.  I’ve always wanted to learn to make toe-up socks, so decided that this was the time to learn.  Starting was much easier than I anticipated:  I did a crochet provisional cast on, then the paired increases were done in no time.  My husband has already laid claim to these socks.

The lavender lace cardigan has seen a little progress:


That’s the back of the sweater.  Now it will be plain stockinette up to the armhole decreases.

I will post an update to my finished project page today as well, with the Audrey sweater and the Montego Bay socks.  Everybody is taking a nap at the moment (no small miracle with three children!), so I might get a little knitting done as well!

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  1. The sock color is great and the lace cardigan is beautiful–as is the ring. 🙂 Enjoy the grandkids–and the peace and quiet–when you can get it.

  2. That lace is beautiful! I love the color too- I think I’m falling victim to the purple trend. 🙂 Love your blog.