New Project Monday

It is Monday, right? I’m never quite sure unless I’m at work and have to write the date nine hundred times.

The kids are all back home, and the house is mostly cleaned up. It’s awfully quiet around here, is all I have to say. They were here for 5 days, and I think we ran fifteen loads of dishes and ten loads of laundry, at least, while they were here. I have a new respect for my grandmothers. My mother’s mother had nine children, and fed and raised all of them along with the usual collection of shirt-tail relatives who lived at her house off and on over the years. She helped my grandfather run a farm out in the middle of nowhere, with no running water, and no conveniences of any kind. She made all their meals from scratch, and grew or raised most of the ingredients herself. She washed all the laundry by hand, and hung it out on a clothesline to dry, summer and winter. And here I am, bamboozled by four small children, with all the conveniences in the world! The one thing that they did leave behind was an unwelcome viral visitor. I estimate that the incubation period of that cold virus was less than 36 hours, given how fast it moved from one kid to nearly the whole family.

I appreciate all the comments on my last few posts. I have discovered the secret to getting lots of comments: just post a picture or two of cute babies, and you’re all set!

Here’s what’s happening in my knitting world. Rogue is still drying. That yarn is so heavy that it is taking forever to dry. I didn’t just steam it lightly to block it, as it’s been all over the place in the last several months, and I figured it needed a good washing. I’ll be out of town for the rest of the week, so it won’t get put together at least until I get back.

Here is what the Peace Fleece looks like now:


That color is just wrong. In real life it is much greener. This is going to be my Not-Really-An-Everyday-Cardigan cardigan. (Scroll down the page on that link to see it.) I purchased this as a kit a long time ago, but don’t really like the pattern that comes with it. It’s a bit too cropped for me, and the sleeve shaping has some issues, and I don’t like the way that those dropped sleeves look. And I don’t really like the roll neck, either. So I am using a pattern designed with Sweater Wizard software instead. It is a plain cardigan, crew neck, with set-in sleeves. It’s as basic as it gets, and I bet I will wear it to death. It’s also a pretty quick knit, given the heavy worsted weight and plain stockinette stitch.

We’re off to Georgia to visit John’s sister for the rest of the week. It’s been in the nineties there, so I’m not sure I’ll even bother to take the heavy wool with me to knit. Am I the only sick person out there, or do you all also think “I’ve got x number of hours just to sit on an airplane and knit”, when you contemplate a vacation?


I keep forgetting to mention this in a post, but I separated out the “knitting medical types” in my “Blogs I Read” section. If you are a “knitting medical type” with a blog, and I’ve missed you, leave me a comment and I’ll get you listed over there.


New Project Monday — 21 Comments

  1. I am a medical type with a brand-new blog!
    And I love Rogue. What a great color! I can’t wait to see her all dried and sewn together.

  2. I can’t wait to see Rogue!
    I’m a medical/public health student with a knitting blog (I don’t really write about medical school…it sucks enough of my time as it is!). I do write about the Preemie Project from time to time. No cute baby pics, but cute baby hat pics!

  3. I don’t know where you are going in Georgia, but here in Atlanta, it is going to be in the mid-80’s all week. The lows are in the upper 60’s, but you definitely won’t need a sweater – finished or in progress. And you’ve made me think I should pull out the Sweater Wizard for my Peace Fleece sweater, too. I’m not the right body type for a cropped sweater.

  4. Not only do I look at vacation as knitting time, but I also usually spend more time packing the books and the knitting than the clothes.

  5. The cardigan looks lovely so far – though I agree, the color doesn’t photograph well. It’s a really beautiful, soft green in person.
    Can’t wait to see Rogue!

  6. Sounds like the Peace Fleece not-really-an every day cardigan is a popular choice this fall. I just started an orange one with raglan sleeves.

  7. Hey! I’m knitting a not quite everyday cardigan myself! Although I’m calling it my Almost Everyday Cardigan. That EC pattern is crazy huh? I’m using Ann Budd’s modified drop sleeve cardigan pattern. Can’t wait to see your progress – and Rogue!

  8. I’m a medical type without a blog. I just don’t do digital photography; so, it would be pretty boring. What would be the point?
    You are not the only sick one – and I don’t think it is sickness, really – but whenever I look over my week’s activities, my son’s baseball games, the high school football games (where son is in the band), Dallas STARS games, Texas Ranger games, Dallas Mavericks games are looked upon as great opportunities for knitting. Also, the drive to church and back is another good opportunity. We are going on our 20th Anniversary trip next month, and the plane ride, the waiting at the airport, the drive to the airport – great knitting times.
    OK, as I read over this post, the word *denial* is coming to mind…
    Never mind…..

  9. I planned my entire Vegas trip around which places I could knit the most…ended up not knitting a single stitch the entire time. Too much to see there 🙂
    Have a great trip!!

  10. Thinking about how much knitting time you’ll have on a plane seems pretty normal to me.
    But, then, sometimes I take a subway ride to the end of the line and back just to have undisturbed knitting or reading time!

  11. safe trip to you! Loved the past pictures. I’ve been wanting to ask about your ‘drying mats’…are they what I think they are?..and do they work well?

  12. Wow, I have been a little behind on my blog reading, and you have accomplished A LOT! I love the Rogue, as well as your darling little baby sweater. And thanks for making the medical types list…I will have to add some of those to my section! Wow, we are more numerous than I thought!

  13. I’m a medical type, and I’m on the regular blog list, just FYI. I’m honored to even be listed at all! :o) Can’t wait to see your finished Rogue..

  14. My knitting gets its own suitcase.
    Wow, who would have thought there were so many knitting medical types! I’ve only run into one other non-profit exec director in my bloglife.
    Have a great trip, Li

  15. I got the same URI from my niece/nephew two weeks ago. Incubation was 38 hrs from contact to start of symptoms. Has lasted two weeks and counting. Fomites.

  16. I think about that stuff, too – how lucky we are to be raising our children in the age of microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, freezers (I love my freezer), antibiotics. I had relatives that came out west EARLY – can you imagine dealing with diapers in a covered wagon, traveling? My own mother lived on the Oregon coast before there were roads – they went up and down the beach on horses, and had to plan for the tides. (I’m trying to ignore antibiotic resistance, terrorism, how fast germs travel all over the world these days.)
    I’m looking forward to seeing Rogue, too! I’m working on Mariah.