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Half the fun of finishing old projects is that you can start new projects without guilt.  Not that I have much guilt about knitting; there is enough obsessive-compulsiveness in my work life that I just let it rip when it comes to my “fun” time.  I digress; it’s probably that after-work bourbon again.

Anyway, I spend the last few finishing days of a project dreaming about what I will knit next.  I do try not to have more than three or four projects going at once.  I am a relatively slow knitter anyway, and it makes me too anxious when I am not making any perceived progress on something because I have fifteen different things started.  Three seems to be the ideal number for me.  I know knitters who freak out if they don’t finish one thing before starting another, and others who have dozens of things going at once, and seem perfectly content with that!  I have decided that for me it is perfect to have one “big” project (defined this month as a sweater), and one “little” project (defined as a hat or a scarf/shawl), and a pair of socks for the third project.  These definitions may well change by October, so don’t hold me to it.

The “little” project at the moment is the Birch shawl.  I plan to do another couple of repeats this week and get a picture for you.  It’s starting to look somewhat attractive, even if it is only an inch wide.

The “sock” project is still up in the air.  I joined the Six Sox Knitalong some time back, and have yet to start one pair.  The first pattern was of course due to be completed last month, but I hate deadlines, so purposely planned to start late.  (If you believe that lame dog-ate-my-homework excuse, we need to talk.)  The first pattern of the six is a lacy one called Cloverleaf Rib.  I decided to make it in some stash yarn.


That color is just so wrong.  In reality it is a cloverleaf/kelly green.  I could not get it to photograph accurately.  The yarn is from Ozyarn, a company from Australia.  They don’t seem to have this on their site anymore, but it is a very light fingering weight mohair/wool blend.  Their needles are great too, by the way.  I started these the other night, but got very frustrated after the first row.  Mohairy, almost lace weight yarn on US 0 double points was something I was just not in the mood for at the time.  I’ll start these again later this week when I have a bit of time, before I give up on this yarn.

The “big” project is a sweater.  I was planning on doing the Eyelet Cardi from Chicknits, and still will, but the yarn I picked just turned into another pattern.  I have the Sweater Wizard software and really just needed to use it to make an adult sweater.  I’ve done a baby sweater using it, and the software really does generate very easy to use patterns.  The web site is here, if you are interested.

The yarn I am using is Sonata cotton in a medium lavender that I got at Elann earlier this summer.  It will be a crew neck style cardigan, button up, and very plain with the exception of a lace border at the bottom and at the cuffs.  Here is my pattern/gauge swatch:


And with this photo, you can sort of squint and imagine what the sleeve will look like:


I’ve finished the lace border on the back piece and am a couple of inches into the stockinette portion.  This should be good mindless knitting except for the borders.  This ought to be a great sweater to dress up jeans, or go with a skirt as a more dressy outfit.  Yee-ha!  I love knitting!

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


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  1. Being a physician assistant, I have diagnosed myself with adult ADD, but I will be going to see my internist about it soon…Anyway, I only have 4 projects going right now, but I have had as many as 10, and I have to agree that it causes too much undue stress. While I understand my need for variety with my easily distractable disposition, I have finally come to grips with the fact that I operate better with less things around to distract me.
    I think your cardi will be beautiful. I like that Sonata yarn. I bought a bunch from elann earlier this year, but have changed my mind about its intended use. Anyway, it is in the box right now, waiting in line for its time to come.
    Happy knitting!

  2. I LOVE lavendar and the lace is perfect! Can’t wait to see the finished object!
    P.S. I’ve been lurking for a while, but this is my first comment. I enjoy reading your entries, especially the “What’s on Your Fridge?” entry. The magnet with Dubya in the evening gown was too funny! 😉

  3. You love Mark O’Connor, too! I idolize him. Saw him in concert in Chicago doing his Appalachian Suite? Symphony? (I can’t keep track of names just in my head) with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra outside on Navy Pier. A perfect night. Have you heard his Heroes CD? Excellent fiddle music, jazz, classical or bluegrass, is my first musical love. So we are connected by that and also by my daughter living in Portland. (I asked you to wave to her for me one comment!) Internet is so fun.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your Birch progress. I actually finished mine this week (bar the blocking) and I have to confess to being relieved that it’s over! The knitting gets a lot quicker the further you go (obviously) but not until about the 7th repeat….