New Socks! New Yarn! Madrona!

First, the new socks. I finished the hot pink babies earlier this afternoon, and here they are.


Note Lucy’s feigned indifference. Here’s another photo:



Yarn: Socks That Rock, lightweight, in Hotflash.
Pattern: basic top down, 2 by 2 ribbed cuff, stocking stitch, heel flap, etc. Nothing fancy, but it works. I use a Twisted German cast on, just because I like how it looks.
Needles: Ivore, 2mm for the cuff, 2.25mm for the rest.
Started: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. (Sometime in October, for crying out loud.)
Finished: Today.
What I learned: I’m still not bored by a plain vanilla sock pattern. I have tons of sock patterns, and don’t ever use them. Every time I start a new pair of socks, I look through them all, and end up making one just like this. Socks are my carry-around-to-knit-in-public project, and the thing I pick up when I only have time for two stitches and nothing more. You can gauge how busy my life has been by how long it takes me to complete the socks. It’s been a busy few months for me.

Here are two photos to show you my latest stitch marker invention. I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep track of gusset and toe decreases (I don’t use stitch markers for socks except for those parts). I used to use two markers of different colors linked together, but came up with this:



It’s a two-colored double-ended stitch marker! When I get to the beginning of the round, I turn the marker upside down. If the top bead is red, that means that the round I’m working needs decreases. If it’s green, I just knit around straight. Very ingenious, if I do say so myself.

What’s next on the sock knitting agenda? I just reached into the bag* and came up with this:


It’s Dicentra Designs, in Solar Energy. In real life it looks more orange and purple. Because you can’t have too many orange and purple socks. This looks to be a bit finer weight than the STR, I am even contemplating trying it on 2mm needles. Guess what pattern I’ll be using? Yup, same thing. I’m not even looking through that stack over there. For a change I’ll use a different brand of needles, so I don’t get bored.

Last but not least, Madrona. I went again for a few hours on Saturday, to knit and shop. I used my “free” yarn day** and bought some lovely things. I also met up with some lovely knitters in the lobby and had a little knit-in. Let’s see; Stephanie, Kris, Ryan and TMK, Rebecca, Saralyn. I think that’s all the blog-people. There were many other apparently blogless people there knitting, and one guy who sat there all afternoon with his laptop. I never did figure him out. He wasn’t knitting, he didn’t look at all interested in picking up knitters, maybe he just randomly picked the Sheraton to hang out.

Now, I know what you really want to see. The yarn. It’s all about the yarn. When I cave and go shopping, I don’t screw around. Looky here.

The whole yarn pile:


What’s in that mix, you ask? First up, some Sea Silk. I’ve been coveting that yarn forever, but wasn’t about to pay that price without being able to touch the stuff. One touch, it was in my shopping bag. There are many more colors that are flashier, but this cream stuff just makes my mouth water. It’s the color of English clotted cream.


The color in the second picture is more like the real thing. This will be a lace shawl someday.


That’s Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu, in Henpecked. For a lacy stole.


More BMFA, this time Seduction sock yarn, in Downpour. This is a simply divine merino/tencel blend. I wasn’t the only one that got sucked in at the BMFA stand, by the way. It was nearly a stampede.


This is more sock yarn, because as we all know, sock yarn doesn’t count. This is Monarch merino sport weight, in Red Hat. More purple.

Don’t any of you dare email my husband and tell him how much all this cost. As far as he knows, yarn is yarn, Sea Silk and Encore are interchangeable. Let’s keep it that way, eh? Can I count on you?

It’s martini time again! Until next time…

*Okay, okay, the sock stash isn’t in a bag, it’s a whole stinking closet. You know what I mean.

** Free Yarn Day, from YFC. Link is above.


New Socks! New Yarn! Madrona! — 29 Comments

  1. You can definitely count on me! No info is ever given to husbands by these lips.
    Great haul…way to go!
    Knit Happy,

  2. Nice haul, but it’s those pink socks that steal the show! I love your idea for a two-ended stitch marker. I can usually keep up with whether I’m on a decrease or plain row, but one of those would make it a lot easier.

  3. Madrona Fiber Fest was wonderful, wasn’t it ! We had a great time. and it looks like your stash enhancement was fabulous. I’ve wanted to try that seasilk for ages.

  4. What a haul!
    I liked Blue Moon’s booth the best since it is not something we usually find around here and their colors are so bold. Their Bambu yarn feels so silky. I’m hoping as Madrona grows they will be able to encourage more out of state vendors to venture our way.

  5. Sea Silk = Encore!! Best laugh I’ve had in WEEKS!!! πŸ™‚ Isn’t it dreamy stuff?
    I love everything you bought plus you got to hang with all the cool kids!
    I <3 your next up socks too, very pretty!

  6. I forgot to add, I LOVE your red bead/green bead stitch marker!! I have oodles of stitch markers I never use but none like yours…could I interest you in a trade? πŸ™‚

  7. The Hot Flash socks are so bright and cute. That Sea Silk is just stunning and I always love looking at more STR yarn.

  8. Very nice haul! The socks are beautiful! That is one smart invention on the stitch marker (did you make it?) There should be a code of honor on discussing pricing issues with knitting supplies (all of them). I’ll never tell…

  9. What exquisite finds! Love the colors.
    The guy on the laptop? A husband accompanying his knitting wife. That’s what mine would have done.
    Stitch marker idea: fabulous.

  10. Ooh – HotFlash and Seduction. The names for yarn are getting nearly as creative as fingernail polish! Love the socks and the stash. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

  11. Hmm – can we use this as blackmail? I think I still have your phone number and I can call when you’re at work! Good use of your free yarn day – everything is luscious!! I know what you mean about socks. I must have a gazillion patterns, but I love plain old vanilla, especially with a picot hem. Those are the ones I wear the most, so I think I’ll keep concentrating on those.

  12. I *love* those pink socks! (And I’m betting that Lucy is interested, but would rather DIE than show it …)
    As for your Madrona purchases, Wow! I hope to try sea silk sometime (which is easier to type than say!), and I think you chose great colors.
    As for telling your husband, he won’t hear it from me! I don’t get that loose-lipped, even after a martini … πŸ™‚

  13. OH MY GOSH – you are killing me with that Sea Silk!!! Absolutely gorgeous.
    I love the name of you pink socks, – hot flash. Those are some stunning socks. And I can’t wait to see how the Solar Energy colorway knits up.
    I really oughta knit a pair of socks – it’s been awhile.

  14. Oh. Well. Red Hat. I wish that color was on her website! And of course, there’s no more Hotflash STR, either. (sigh)
    Your secret’s safe with me…
    (Your Lucy resembles my Blond Bombshell)

  15. Just take him to Wal-mart and wander through the yarn aisle. He’ll be so amazed out how cheap the stuff is that he’ll encourage you to buy more. Of course, you’ll have to say ‘not today,’ so you don’t end up with Red Heart coming home with you!
    And about “plain” socks — I tend to be easily bored, but I think my next socks will be stockinette, because of the ease of knitting in public.

  16. Hot flash is the perfect name for that colour. I, too, am craving seasilk, three skeins of it in ivory. Better hide yours πŸ™‚ Seriously, I will wait until our LYS has their yearly 20% off yarn sale and use my $20 gift certificate towards it. I ordered it recently on sale, and then rec’d a call that the order was cancelled due to low stock,

  17. Oh, groan, Lorette, what are you trying to do to me? I’ve been so good with the stash knitting (ha, ha) – do you think I can get enough enjoyment out of looking at your yarn that I won’t have to go buy my own? Oooooh, Seeeaaaa Siiiiilk!

  18. I have some Hot Flash (and hot flashes, too) and need to knit a pair! They are TOO wonderful. I just got some Seasilk from a secret pal. It feels soooooo goooood!

  19. Loose lips sink ships!…but Rebekah needs to know ’bout this!!!
    Ok, seriously, I think the cat is blinded by those socks!..honestly, though, I think you need to hurry up and patent that double stick markers and your idea….take it off your blog NOW before someone steals your idea!!! I REALLY think you have something there!!!

  20. Nope, you didn’t screw around alright. I want some Sea Silk too! I could have bought some at the KR retreat but didn’t let myself. I have no idea why now.
    As for the socks…they are great! I have tons of sock patterns too and almost always make plain vanilla ones instead. They are my mindless, relaxing knitting and they’re not mindless when there is a pattern.

  21. I got to come home for a couple nights! Heaven! Hard to leave Abbey, Jake and Avery, but I’ll go back up tomorrow and stay as long as they need me, probably til Friday. (It really does take a village…) Anyway, hope yall are having fun! E