New Year Fiber Resolutions

I hope your NYE was swell and fabulous! Ours certainly was. We had a little pre-dinner cocktail party in the lobby of the Westin Seattle while we were all (10 of us) waiting for our rooms. While we were there, we tried to scope out the best possible party to crash after dinner. The hotel lobby was jam packed with people coming and going, many with cases of booze, platters of delicious looking things, and coolers full of who-knows-what. It seems that this place is a happening joint on NYE. We are probably 8 blocks or so south of the Space Needle, and we all had high-floor rooms facing the Needle, important for the fireworks that took place later.

After we got settled into our rooms, we went across the street to the Icon Grill restaurant for a lovely dinner. The place was bustling, and nicely decorated for the holidays, adding to the festive spirit. After dinner, being the old farts wild partiers that we all are, we went back to our respective rooms with plans for naps and to meet at about 11PM for the fireworks show. The latter was pretty spectacular. At exactly midnight, the Space Needle lit up like a Roman candle for eight minutes, accompanied by an enthusiastic musical show. We had little food nibbles that everybody brought, along with a variety of sparkling beverages. We all managed to stay up and talk for another hour, then gave it up and called it done for the old year.

This morning we’re having breakfast up the street, then back home to get those black eyed peas done for luck.

Here are some photos from the evening:

Now for those resolutions. I’m terrible at NY resolutions. They don’t usually last a month around here. So I’m not doing any craft resolutions, except one. I’m going to try to do a new set of fiber-yarn goals at the beginning of each month. I did sign up for the 11 mittens in 2011 challenge on Ravelry, but I have no real illusions that this will last. My goals for January? Here they are:

Finish at least two spindle spinning projects that are languishing, a blue/black merino/bamboo blend that just needs plying, and some merino silk that has been on the spindle since last summer.

Finish the Big Pink Baby Thing.

Finish the pair of socks on the needles, an embarrassingly aged project.

Work on the True Blood Faery sweater. I’d like to finish the bodice section by the end of the month.

Finish the mittens (dog mittens) that have been on the needles since last year, and start the first pair for 2011.

There you go. Have a great weekend!


New Year Fiber Resolutions — 8 Comments

  1. What fun! I think I’m going to have to put that on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to be in Seattle for New Year’s and watching the fireworks from the comfort of the Westin sounds divine!!

  2. Happy New Year!

    You sure have ambitious knitting/spinning resolutions! I’m wondering how you will get it all done.

    Failure in January is exactly why I do not do resolutions of any kind, especially knitting. I am still working on my Christmas knitting; I sure can’t think about what to do for January. I know. I’m rather knitting-challenged at this point. I guess one day I will see the light and start holiday knitting early and leave room for fun stuff like spinning. Dream on…………

  3. Looks like a great celebratory NYE. We had a very quiet day – a large roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, carrots, & homemade cranberry sauce. 7 year old grandson declared it “a feast” which may have been in part due to the strawberry pop we let him have (a strict no no at home but it was a celebration). I can’t remember how late we stayed up – not midnight but maybe 10 – much past his bedtime. We watched The Black Stallion, which he loved greatly (it was his aunt’s favorite movie when she was a little girl) & the first Superman movie which he also loved but not as much as the movie about a boy & his horse. We had watched Huckleberry Finn the day before & the child just did not believe me that the old man who played the horse trainer in Black Stallion was the same person who played Huck Finn (Mickey Rooney) – but the movies were made about 50 years apart! We also did a good bit of knitting (nothing as enjoyable as knitting with a beloved child!). All in all a quiet but wonderful time!