No Knitting

I have no knitting to report. The house is a bustle of activity, and I haven’t picked up the needles in two days. We’ve mostly gotten moved back into the kitchen, and I’ve been cleaning the cabinets and everything in them to get rid of the construction dust. The wood floors are done, though the heat duct covers aren’t on yet, and the painting is done. We can’t put the oriental rugs on the floors for a couple of weeks, so we’ve decided to just leave the furniture in the garage for now rather than move it twice.

We built a new fireplace front with this phase of the remodeling. The old one was just a blank hole in the wall, with a concrete slab stuck in the wall as a suspended hearth. Our construction guys built a box for a real hearth, which we had covered with the same tile that we used in the entrance. Then we had a mantle piece fabricated, which was installed yesterday. Here are the photos:




Here are our new pantry shelves:


This room used to be just a junk room, but we had shelving made for storage, and there will be a long desktop on the wall with the window. On the opposite wall is a bookshelf just for cookbooks.

One of the main motivators for this whole project was this:


This is a refrigerated wine storage unit that we have had for several years. The previous configuration of our main living area was kitchen with eating area, family room/den, and a combined living and dining room (the room with the fireplace). We were very cramped in the previous dining area, and don’t really need two living room areas. So the dining room is being moved to the old family room, and the other room will be one large living room. We didn’t want the wine unit to take up half the dining room, so we had this built:


Yesterday the wine unit got moved back in, and we started loading it up.



I think we’ve found most of the wine boxes in the garage, though who knows with that mess out there. We of course had to sample some last night to make sure none of it had gone bad from the lousy storage conditions.

Today the new entrance light fixtures are being installed. I’m off to clean more cabinets.

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No Knitting — 23 Comments

  1. The pantry is my favorite part! A whole side just for cookbooks?! I’m seriously moving in. 🙂 Love the fireplace, too, much better than a black hole.

  2. This is looking fantastic! A nook especially for wine storage units, bookcases for cookbooks near where you use them…you have really thought this through. I see why it is worth going thru all the upheaval.

  3. You got some beautiful work goin’ on there! I’m with Celia. I think you need some guinea pigs to be sure that wine is ok. 😉

  4. It’s beautiful. Worth the wait….. How do the animals act with all the new floors and things????

  5. This is my first visit on your blog. I have two things to say; firstly: I am unbeleivably in love with your wine cabinet. Secondly: I am unbeleivably in love with your wine cabinet.
    The rest of the renovation looks alright too.
    I’m definitely coming back here for a visit.

  6. It looks amazing- doesn’t it make the hassle worth it? And if not, isn’t the wine great to help forget? 🙂

  7. I love your pantry shelves. I am hopelessly smitten with the little edges on them that keeps stuff in…just like an old store. If I lived in your house I would just rearrange stuff on those shelves all day. Of course, I would be very drunk while I did it…look at all that wine!

  8. I love the pantry……Stephanie is right, it does remind you of a country store. The wine cabinet is fabulous……and all that wine..yum…surely you must need a little help tasting wine 😉

  9. You picked a great shade of yellow! Not too lemon-y. What brand/shade number is it?

  10. Are you ever coming back? I want to see how the remodeling turns out.
    And tag – you’re it! Tell us what you miss from childhood.