Not Cobblestone

Notice anything new in that photo, besides a new blue knitting project?

It’s a finished Not Exactly A Cobblestone Sweater!

I finished it over the weekend, though I haven’t gotten a chance to wash and block it properly. It’s very cozy, and I figured I’d get a post in before I go back to my work week starting tomorrow.

Project Details

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed, in the color Tapestry. This yarn is now discontinued, and very difficult to find for sale. It’s a little more deep red wine colored than in that photo.

Pattern: Jared Flood’s Cobblestone, from Interweave Knits Fall 2007. Sort of. The bottom up to the armpits is a Cobblestone, the rest is pure Elizabeth Zimmermann (see modification section).

Started: February 2008

Finished: November 6, 2008

For: Me

Needles: Knit Picks Options Circulars, size 7.

Modifications: I did the body as written up to where you attach the sleeves. I really didn’t want all that garter stitch on the top half, and I was pretty certain that the circular garter yoke would not be even remotely flattering on me. So I used the instructions for a raglan sweater from EZ’s Knitting Workshop for the top half and the sleeves. I made the sleeves narrower than the original pattern instructions, as the pattern as written for a man has fairly wide, baggy sleeves.

What I learned: See above. I’m gradually learning as I knit to analyze patterns as to whether they will be even slightly flattering, and to adjust things as I go if they’re not. This one fits well, and I predict will be worn often. This is the first time I’ve knit a sweater in the round like this, other than for a baby. It’s an interesting way to construct sweaters, but makes for a very unwieldy project once you get the sleeves attached.

The yarn is a bit weird, which might be why it was discontinued. The color is lovely, and it actually feels great once you wash it, but it has an odd stringy feel while you are knitting, like yarn that is treated for machine knitting.

Verdict: A successful sweater!

And what is up with that blue yarn, you ask? That is from a pile of very lovely Beaverslide wool/mohair blend, in the color Lake Josephine. It looks like a solid blue in that photo and on their website, but actually has very subtle tweedy bits in it. This will be a sweater for my sweetheart. After some dithering around, he decided on blue, and I narrowed down all the blue yarns from their website and let him choose. After another period of dithering, he’s decided that he wants it to look just like the Father/Son Pullover I made him previously out of grey Peace Fleece. Fortunately I’m completely happy knitting exactly the same sweater for him twice. What you see in that photo above is the beginning of a swatch, and I hope to start the actual knitting in a day or two.

In NaNoWriMo news, I’m up to 10,699 words, which puts me a little behind, but not far. So far I’ve killed off two drunk twin brothers, and started a world war. Not bad for only two chapters!


Not Cobblestone — 38 Comments

  1. That looks very fine indeed, and it fits very well. I have yet to order from Beaverslide, but the yarns I’ve seen on blogs and the FOs are nice.
    I hope that those are two long chapters.

  2. Great sweater! – what a beautiful color.
    I’m impressed by anyone with an imagination to write. I type about 10,000 words a day, but you can be sure if I had to make them up myself it’d only be about 30! I can barely muster up a blog post lately :o)

  3. It’s a wonderful sweater, and looks great on you. I really like your modifications. I’ve been considering the Cobblestone, but that garter stitch would be a no go for me, too. And I hadn’t thought about how much wider men’s sleeves would be. Your modifications list is certainly a big help.

  4. Oh what a beautiful sweater! The color looks great on you! I can’t wait to see the second sweater…how is my favorite Lewey?

  5. Beautiful! Nice fit, nice color – you blend in so nicely with my favorite knitting chair. As far as knitting for John – I’d gladly repeat a favorite sweater for my sweetheart. A chance to wrap him in love.

  6. Lovely sweater, looks so cosy, and the colour’s so rich. Can’t wait to see the new project, another lovely colour! How do you do it? And write books as well? I’m impressed! 😉

  7. Woohoo! Congratulations. I love that first picture of you wearing the sweater and looking at your hands/yarn while you knit. Looks like a very comfy sweater that will be well loved.

  8. Oh I absolutely LOVE that sweater – it’s perfect! Maybe I will attempt one after all of my holiday knitting ends(it will end, right??).
    I’m curious – did the killing off of the drunk twin brothers start the world war, or was it just a nasty coincidence??

  9. Beautiful tweedy pullover!! – I like your Raglan Cobblestone variation. I’m just pulling out all my simple, in the round sweater patterns trying to make a decision.

  10. Very pretty and flattering sweater! Red is definitely your color. I wish I had picked up some that yarn before it was discontinured!

  11. The sweater looks fabulous! What a great color. I think the modifications you made were spot on.

  12. what a wonderful sweater! congrats!
    and I love that first photo of you – the steely blue sky is the perfect backdrop
    wow. your book is really racing along.

  13. The sweater looks great. I am very impressed. It looks like one of those cozy “go to” sweaters. That book sounds pretty interesting.

  14. Ahhh, what a beautiful sweater! I can’t beleive all you writing your ‘epic’ AND finishing a knitting project? I have no excuse. I’d love to hear more of the stuff you write about!