Not Crabby!

I figured that I better get off my butt and put up a new post, since my crabbiness really has gone completely away. I hope to God I never get sick with anything serious, or everyone that knows me is going to suffer. I’m pretty sure I had a mild case of the flu a few weeks ago. I did get my influenza vaccine, but it had only been a week before, so I think I was only mildly affected, but still got it.  It’s all gone, I finished the socks, and I’m happy happy happy. Not crabby crabby crabby.

So just to do this properly, let’s make this an October wrap up, shall we? If I wait much longer, it will be sort of a moot point. And I do have some November goals to post.

Here’s what I listed as goals for October.

Finish the red socks.

Finish at least one sleeve of the True Blood Faery Sweater. See photo below.

I’m spinning up some lovely merino/tencel stuff. I have it about half done and want to finish it.

Read more, blog more.

Post photos of Scotland.

Right. The sleeve is still in time out. The fiber is still not turned into yarn. I did do a little reading, not a lot of blogging, and I left the Scotland photos to John to deal with. Don’t judge me, I was sick.

I did finish the socks, after the little flip out over them being too short.

Here they are:

Finished Project:

Project: Socks! The pattern is the usual, the one over in the right side bar. It’s the same one I always do. You’d think I’d have learned to do it right, and faster, by now.

Yarn: Lisa Souza sock yarn, color Little Devil. This is some very nice stuff. I was going to go buy some more, then was reminded that I have yarn in the stash for 196 more pairs of socks, not including the new ones I started after I finished these.

Needles: Ivore, 2.25 mm

Started: February of this year.

Finished: last week

For: Me

What I learned: Try on those socks before you finish off the toes.

OK, November goals. This is simple, I really only have one goal. That is if you don’t count making Thanksgiving dinner for 11 people while working 6 out of the 7 days of that week. I love challenges. At least it won’t be like the year (hopefully) that we had about 12 people for turkey day, and the oven door fell off in the middle of cooking. I’m not kidding about that. I have a relatively new oven, so while I won’t rule out other minor disasters, it should be a good day.

Back to my one goal. Here it is.

Yup. I’m participating in the Nano insanity again this year. It’s a little unnerving, I actually sort of have a plot this year. Who knows what kind of trouble that might get me into. Generally I just go by the seat of my pants, which can lead to some very weird scenes. It’s 50,000 words or bust by the end of the month. So far I’m on schedule, at 9000 words so far.

That’s it, my only goal is to finish a 50,000 word novel. Anything else, including knitting, spinning, and reading, will be gravy.

Here’s one more photo for you. When I turned away from the computer just now, here is what I saw.

Lots of napping going on around here. Not me, I’m back to my writing. If you have any favorite words for me to put in the novel, leave them in the comments. I might need them.


Not Crabby! — 12 Comments

  1. Good luck on your NaNoWriMo adventure! One of my favorite words is gloaming, but I think it is almost antiquated nowadays. Too bad!

  2. Love the pic of your doggies…the sleepiness is rubbing off on me!

    Best wishes on your NaNo project. You are a braver soul than I!

    As for your plans for Thanksgiving, I’d gladly change places with you…we are moving that Saturday and DH is working 6 out of the 7 days, including the night before the big move. Since I’m disabled, I can’t do anything to help so I do the worrying that we won’t be ready on time. Can we swap???

  3. Wow – that is a nice goal – I wish I could write – it’s always been a fantasy of mine to write a book – but I’m all over the place. Good luck with Thanksgiving! and Perseverate is an awesome word.

  4. Love the cozy doggie photo. I always feel like napping this time of year. I think it’s the change of weather coupled with the time change. We only have kitties so lots of pet napping in our house! For some reason, the words sassafras & sarsaparilla have always amused me. (I love sassafras tea which you haven’t been able to get for many years.)

  5. The doggies are, of course, adorable. My grandmother used to call that sort of thing “club life.” We have a lot of club life around here.

    I’ll bet you weren’t really crabby. I think your germs may have flown north. I am hacking and wheezing now, but otherwise feel OK.

  6. a little late to this party, but SQUEEEEE!!!! corgi bubble butt!!!! I am undone…. *sigh*

  7. I love the word “splendid” for some reason. Good luck with the novel. I tried to write 50,000 words in November a few years ago – only got to about 25,000 words. It’s harder than it sounds.

  8. And there it is, a life. In all its crabby and noncrabby glory. (I did have to laugh at the oven door, and had to admit I’m glad that did not happen to me, as I would not have had a Plan B.)