Now For The Floor Repair

We’re in the middle of fixing the warped wood floor mess caused by the rat escapade from late December. The torn out walls have been patched and everything repainted.

The floor guys are here today tearing out the damaged wood that was warped enough to need replacing. It will need to be open to the subfloor for about a week before they get the new floor in. Then sanding, staining and finishing. The whole main level needs to be refinished since it’s one continuous wood floor. So all of our furniture will need to be warehoused for the duration starting a week from today.




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Now For The Floor Repair — 4 Comments

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if you and the pets could be warehoused for the duration as well? As in, ensconced in a resort? 🙂

    It’s going to look fabulous when it’s finished.

  2. Oh, yes. I feel your pain. I seriously hope it takes only 2-3 weeks….

    We will be doing major upgrades starting in March/April. Our contractor more or less innocently asked “You weren’t planning on living in the house during construction were you?”

    I replied – Exactly where do you expect I can put the five adults and two dogs for months? Yes, I can rehouse us for up to three weeks, but beyond that – I’ll need electricity in the kitchen and a hose for water in one of the bathrooms. Alternative housing for up to 9 months? I don’t think so.