Nupps, Again

I’m not done with those nupps yet. I did get half of them done, however. Here’s where I am on the Estonian Garden Wrap:


The first border and edging is done, and I have the provisional cast on stitches back on the needles, and am half done with the first repeat of the nupps section. I’ve never knit from a provisional cast on before, so that was a little anxiety-provoking. If you’ve never done this, you cast on with waste yarn (there are a variety of ways to do this so it comes undone easily when you’re ready). When you get to that part, you simply unzip the waste yarn, placing the live stitches on the needle, then you’re off knitting in the other direction. Very cool. Eunny has a whole post about cast on methods for lace here.Ā  Here is another site, showing the method I used. Here are a few pictures of the unzipping part.




And the finished stitches, back on the needle.


This was a load of fun, really. I guess I am easily entertained. I kept calling John out to the patio to watch. He was polite enough to pretend like this was a major feat of knitting engineering.

I did put this aside for awhile over the weekend to do a little more on the Orange Pippa sweater. I got enough done on the sleeve to determine that the gauge is correct. Here it is:


What do you think? Are the yarn and the pattern a match made in heaven? Or not?

Last but not least, more house pictures. The circus tent came up yesterday, and is rolled up on the roof for now, so we went out last evening and got a few photos.

Deck 1:


Deck 2:



There is still a lot of work left to do, but it’s looking less depressing by the day. And it’s nice to be able to see the lake again. I was getting a bit claustrophobic in here. Also, we have new arrivals on the lake, who were out for a brief evening swim last night for the first time with their parents. If I can catch them on camera (they are all very shy), I’ll post pictures later this week.


Nupps, Again — 16 Comments

  1. Wow it’s hard to believe that was your first time knitting from the provisional cast on. I have a few times, but only once have I done it successfully. I just did that one the other day in fact. It was the first time I got the waste yarn to “un-zip” correctly.
    Congrats on getting them back on the needle. It is looking very nice. And so is your orange sweater.
    Glad the house is moving along.

  2. I’ve never had the courage to try a pattern with a provisional cast on. It seemed too nebulous for me… not enough info. Thanks for the info and the links.
    The house is looking much better!

  3. It’s all looking very good! I’ve yet to try the provisional cast on, the whole idea scares me.

  4. I’m starting to feel a little like I should get up off my big whiny butt and finish my Estonian Garden Wrap, as I was supposed to knit it for the Olympics… šŸ™‚

  5. Hooray for progress on the house! And I love the marriage of the orange yarn and the pattern. Looking good on all fronts.

  6. Provisional cast ons are great! congrats on your first one! And your house is fabulous!! What a light filled place to knit!

  7. Both projects look great!
    Look at all that wonderful glass in your house. The views must be gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for the cast on links! I’m always looking for good teaching tips (for classes in my future yarn shop). And your house is spectacualar! I’m glad you are getting your view back…

  9. Hello,
    I saw your Estonian garden wrap and I was also wondering which yarn did you use. I’m from Estonia and I thought that you might be interested in try our yarns. We produce knitting yarns and pencil roving with a Gotland/Merino wool blend and we have an extense single color and artistic color palette. Please feel free to check and if you’re interested, I’ll be glad to quote you and give you more info. We sell yarns according to weight and we ship to any destination in Europe, US and Canada.