Oh Damn It

I’ve been trying to get some of these WIPs done before starting anything new. I worked on Evenstar yesterday and got a couple repeats done on the edging.

Today’s project is the Dog Mittens. This is my oldest WIP, started back in 2008. Good grief. I finished the first mitten not too long ago, and had knit about an inch on the cuff of the second. I spent most of the morning today knitting off and on, and finally stopped to take a photo.


Pretty, eh? I’m all the way to the point of putting in the waste yarn bit where the thumb will go. I thought to myself (with some hubris-beware of the hubris, the knitting gods hate that) “I might even finish these this weekend!”

You can see where this is headed, right?

Then I had the bright idea to haul out the first mitten to compare.


Click on that if you can’t tell what’s wrong. I had to dig back through my blog archives to figure this one out. On the first mitten, I held the white yarn in  my left hand and the dark blue yarn in my right. I apparently missed this point when I started the second mitten and switched them around. There is enough of a difference that it would bug me forever.

Damn damn damn. Out it came.


And here we go again. White on the left, dark blue on the right. As it should be.

Is it too early in the day for whisky?


Oh Damn It — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve only been reading your blog a little while, but have enjoyed your entries. Just had to comment on this entry…you were right to rip. sometimes one can turn a blind eye, but there was enough of a difference that 1) it would bug you (it would bug me), and 2) people will ask why the bones on one mitten are bigger than the ones on the other…and that would bug me even more! May the good knitting gods be with you!

  2. It’s five o’clock somewhere…which makes it never too early for whiskey!
    Must be something in the air this week (or the full moon a few days ago!)…I was knitting an Irish knit baby blanket (85% finished) when I noticed a glaring mistake in the beginning of the blanket. Took it to my LYS and the owner (with my permission) ripped back a 3 1/2″ wide panel for about 30″. I now have a panel of “spaghetti” for which I cannot get the same gauge or tension…so-o-o-o-o I had to frog almost the entire blanket and I’m off to take up tiddlywinks instead of knitting! I feel your pain!!! Meet me for a Jameson’s???

  3. been there…with socks. Always think I’ll remember my special tricks I pulled off and ALWAYS find out part way through the next sock, usually when I’m just getting smarmy about how easy it was to pick it up again. NOT.
    I feel your pain.

  4. Been there and done that, too. Sometimes a date with “Mr. Jack Daniels” is the only way to get through it!

  5. Oh man…..I know how that must have bugged you…..I can’t wait to see them finished.

    As for the adult beverage needs, I’m all in too! Screwdriver, Bloody Mary or a Bellini would certainly be perfect!

  6. Why are your rings sitting on the table? Did you use them for emergency knitting markers? I have been known to do that. Love the mittens.

  7. You put this in Knit Companion, right? Now you should make a note about the yarn colors in case there’s another pause in progress.

  8. Love the doggies! Is the pattern on Ravelry? Name?

    And yes. It is 5 o’clock *somewhere*. Have at it. 🙂 LOL