Oh Dear

I sort of missed most of the past month, didn’t I. Oh well. I’ve been sick, then busy, then more busy. And I haven’t even knit all that much. That crazy bug that I picked up on our cruise has really hung in there, and more or less knocked me on my butt. It turned out to not be whooping cough, according to the test; didn’t get much better with a round of antibiotics, and has turned me into a total slug for the past few weeks. I’m still coughing though it’s finally getting better. All that whining is my latest excuse for not blogging.

I did start doing NaNoWriMo in a fit of insanity. I got to about 7000 words before I decided I really wasn’t having any fun, and wrote another 2000 or so words before I REALLY decided that, no, in fact I am not having fun with it this year, and abandoned ship.

Enough of the pity party. Here’s some fun stuff. My latest socks.

Click on that to get a better photo of the wild and crazy that is Lewey.

Getting that model to cooperate was no easy task. He was not one bit interested in helping me blog, he just wanted to eat the yarn. I didn’t take the time to shoot any more photos since the mutt smelled a little funky when I got close enough to tell. He just had a bath too, so I’m sure he thought it was necessary to roll in something at the dog park. Lovely.

I’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten what yarn that is. It’s Frolicking Feet, from Done Roving (I got mine here), color is Pot o’ Gold. Do me a favor and go buy her out so I’m not tempted to buy more of this.

Here’s more fun. I needed some new shoes, and found these.


Click on that one, too.

Knitted shoes! How cool! They have these on Amazon, here they are. Danskos are not cheap, but they are seriously some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy if you are on your feet all day. Take a clue from hospital nurses, Dansko clogs are what many of them wear. You will note that I’m wearing mine with hand knit socks, too.

I’m off to knit. I get to work the weekend, so I want to stockpile some stitches today.


Oh Dear — 13 Comments

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. I wouldn’t even attempt to have Maggie model my knitting! I’m sure she’d think of it as just a new great toy.

  2. Lewey is quite the boy! He looks like a much more cooperative model than anyone in this house. The socks look great and the clogs too. I wore Danskos for years until I discovered Crocks, which, while hideous looking, are the essence of happy feet, at least for me. Since I switched to them, I can even bear to walk home from work (most of the time.)

  3. Ugh! Isn’t it funny how we can just keep plugging away at something even when it’s not enjoyable? I’m glad you allowed yourself to abandon ship. LOVE the clogs. Someone in my knitting group just bought them and they are really adorable! Wear them well.

  4. I’ve been resisting those clogs since they came out several months ago. Danksos are the most comfortable forward ever (except for the cute canvas MaryJanes they had in the summer collection which rubbed the top of my foot). I have some cute black MaryJanes. If I can find an empty pocket in my shoe organizers for them, I may just have to buy ghose (BTW, both my daughters sent me a link to those shoes). Glad your feeling better.

  5. Love the Lewey model!! Those knit shoes would be so cute and comfy. Get well and feeling better soon

  6. Oh, so sorry your were down. My husband and I with long time friends, went on a cruise in Europe this April to see the tulips and the flower show. Both me and my friends husband came home with Influenza Type B, It also hung around for the longest time, I had a night in the emergency room for observation. Glad you feel better. I enjoy your blog.

  7. I too had to have those clogs when I saw them in September worth every penny… also a nurse…so love Danskos . They actually go with most outfits.

  8. Look at Lewey the Wolf 😉 Yes, pet model just don’t have the same thoughts as the photographer… LOVE the knitted shoes! (and knitted socks) I have a friend that has a Tea Room and swears by the same shoes. awww, I’m disappointed isn’t this the first year in awhile you aren’t going to be writing? (of course, I dropped out the first year 🙁 one day…

  9. I love those clogs. Thanks for the tip about Danskos–I never have worn clogs, but I thought they’d work better with my handknit socks than the shoes I have been using. And that yarn is gorgeous.

    Glad you are feeling better.