Oh For Pete’s Sake

Or, January Project Update

Or, I Hate Having The Flu

I could just stop there, right? Be careful what you wish for, is all I have to say. The past few weeks at work have been a bit busy, to say the least. The hospitals are not just full, we have hallways lined with sick people in extra beds sans rooms. It’s been pretty demoralizing and exhausting for everybody; last week I saw veteran nurses in tears. At any rate, I finished my work week Thursday night, ready for a three day weekend, and had the thought “It would just be nice to have a few extra days off.”

Ha. Friday morning I woke up with the crud which just got worse as the weekend went on. I finally broke down and went to our Urgent Care Sunday morning, and came away with the last two packages of anti-flu medicine, one for me to treat influenza*, and one for John to keep him from getting it. The pharmacy was also out of prescription cough syrup, which should tell you something. Our hospital was near to running out of influenza test kits last week, so we’re down to diagnosing it the old fashioned way, by history and exam. What a concept.

Anyway, this “got” me those two extra days off I was wishing for. I haven’t done much except sleep and wander around in a drug induced stupor. I’m hoping to be up to speed to go back to work tomorrow.

Enough whining. I have gotten some knitting done this weekend, though I’ve stuck to plain stocking stitch for the most part, since my brain isn’t working very well. Here are my January goals for your reference:

  • Finish the body of my Green Jeans sweater
  • Finish the pair of socks on the needles (Pot ‘o Gold socks)

And here’s where I am.


That’s the Green Jeans sweater (AKA Corduroy). I’ve reached the split for the bodice part, and have started the upper back. This is actually pretty mindless knitting, with just a bit of garter striping for interest.


And those of course are the socks. One done, one almost half done.

I’m not sure I’ll hit either of those goals by the end of the month, but we’ll see. I’d be closer to getting there if I hadn’t gotten distracted by that shiny shiny platinum yarn from the last post.

I’m off to take more drugs.

*And yes, I did get a flu shot. I hate to think what this would be like if I hadn’t.




Oh For Pete’s Sake — 17 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear you’re sick…hope you feel better soon…I squeaked by without getting it (I had my shot in Oct) with 2 down in the house sick..I felt very lucky!

  2. It’s a bit scary to hear about pharmacies running out of drugs and hospitals running out of supplies. Kind of like the developing world in miniature…

    Hope you are feeling better, continue to do so, and that John doesn’t catch anything.

  3. My goodness, I’m sorry you’re ill. Watch your gauge. Those meds can really mess things up. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. Oh dear! I have wished to be a little sick, so as to have some down time, but sometimes, as you say, one gets more than one bargained for. Hope you get well soon.

    It is hard to tell about the sweater so far, but the color is great, and the socks are super! I love the colors and the stripes.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I’d like to think this year’s early start to flu season will mean an early end to it, but I suspect that is wishful thinking.

  6. Hope you are feeling better now, Lorette. This is a bad flu and Noro year in all of North America from the looks of things. We had our flu shots and are being extra careful and keeping Purell in business!

  7. Sorry you are ill……flu to boot……..love the socks! The sweater is interesting………since you are the actual doctor, I’ll be motherly and tell you to drink plenty of fluids, eat chicken noodle soup and get plenty of rest!

  8. So sorry you have been sick…no fun at all! My DH works in a hospital too and they are getting overrun as you all are with flu patients.

    I am deathly allergic to the preservative in vaccines so I cannot have the flu shot. So I am a self-imposed hermit until Spring. DH brought home a Noro-type virus that he so graciously shared with me…all the nurses were sicker than sick…but we have taken extra precautions so that he doesn’t bring home influenza. It wouldn’t be pretty if that happened.

    Make sure you are really well before going back to work…you don’t want a relapse. I know you are a doctor and know this, but we all know that doctors are some of the worst patients! Take an extra day and be well rested. Besides, you have knitting goals to accomplish by the end of the month! LOL

  9. You’ve gotta quit working around all those sick people! Actually I feel a lot of gratitude for all the doctors and nurses who have to expose themselves to this nasty bug. Get well soon.

  10. Sorry you’re sick. I got the shot, and I’m home with sniffles today–just a cold, I think. I’ve been wondering if this was a flu, but from your description, I guess not. I can think of better ways to have time off for knitting. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Sorry to hear you have the flu. Apparently the Chicago area is one of th hardest hit areas of the city. The hospital my doctor is affiliated with closed it’s ER & it was not the only one. Ever since I read that the flu shot is only 50% effective for most adults & 30% for those over about 60, I’ve been avoiding places like the health club. Thankfully we have a very nice recumbent bike that my partner’s brother & sister gave him for Christmas a few years ago.

  12. Careful what you wish for. Two weeks ago when c’s work schedule turned opposite of mine I wished we could have weekends together. Next day he had his second detached retina. Two weekends in a row together!