Oh Holy Hell

Owning a house sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be. Those of you who've been around Chez Knitting Doctor for awhile might remember the Great Circus Tent escapade from several years back, where we basically had to remodel one whole side of the house.The saga starts here, if you are interested in revisiting it. It makes me too queasy, but it might discourage you from buying a Halloween Fun House if you look through the whole thing.

A couple of weeks ago John noticed water dripping from the ceiling in our lower level. That is never a good thing. Plumber came out, tore some holes in the ceiling and walls in a few places, and found the culprit. the water line to our kitchen refrigerator ice maker had been chewed through and was leaking. And there was a rat's nest behind the refrigerator.

So the water line got replaced, but there is significant water damage especially to our wood floor in the kitchen.

We had a restoration guy out, who tore some more stuff out, including the wood floor under the refrigerator. We have fans and dehumidifiers going both in the kitchen and downstairs. The fucking noise is about to drive me insane, which is not a long drive this particular winter.

The wall guys came yesterday, once the mess is dried out, the dry wall will be replaced, and they will paint, of course they'll have to paint both whole walls in the living room where it got torn up. The floor guys come next week. The real fun is that we have continuous wood floors in the whole main level, so the WHOLE thing will need to be sanded, stained and then sealed. Meaning that at some point all the furniture will be in a pod in the driveway, the pets will be kenneled, and we'll be moved out of here.

The good news, Part One, is that our insurance covers this. We have USAA, the adjuster has already been out. It will cover ALL of it, including the kennel, our moving expenses, and even the cost of the electricity to run the blowers for the past week or however damned long it takes.

Good news Part Two? I caught the damned rat. I came downstairs to make coffee last Saturday and heard a rustle under the kitchen counter. He was in the garbage. I slammed the door, yelled for John, then grabbed a cookie sheet pan and slapped it over the trash can to trap him. I really didn't have the will to bash him over the head, and John didn't offer, so he was carried to an uninhabited section of our neighborhood and released.

We haven't seen any further rat evidence, so I think he was a loner. I suspect one of our worthless cats might have brought him in to play with and then let him go without finishing the job. They are on notice.



Oh Holy Hell — 18 Comments

  1. It doesn’t matter how old the house is or how well it was constructed, there will always be something. I hope your ordeal ends soon and you’re back to your regular programming.

  2. Beginning to look a lot like a Five Guys Solstice this year, wasn’t that John’s intention? I am so sorry and know how loud commercial blowers can be. But I am chuckling that there are some out there in the world who have never known you to swear. Maybe you should just do your Hawaii or Mexico January trip early and call it good.
    Hang in there!

  3. CATS. Finish the job, dudes!

    So sorry for the hassle. You’re right … with home ownership, it’s always something.

  4. oh yech x3. The cats and Lewie aren’t good workers, just cute management. Feel for you, what a horror!!

  5. All my sympathies. I’ll loan you a dog. German pointers are good at catching (and killing) at least bunnies. I don’t think she would slow down enough to notice it was a rat…
    Since I’m facing a big dig under our house this summer to finish the lower level, I well understand the noise.
    Let’s talk importance – the yarn is rodent free, right?

  6. Ugh…I have no words… Cats need to learn to follow through.. I hope to hear that no yarn or projects were injured in the adventure.

  7. As I was reading your saga, I was wondering “why didn’t the cats alert you to the rat’s presence?” Then I got to the end.
    So sorry this has happened – especially just before the holidays. Ugh, what a mess. Good luck!

  8. Oh man, that sucks. I’m glad your insurance will cover it though.

    It’s been a rough year for people and their houses. My nephew’s house in AZ was flooded, and they have to have the whole thing redone, while living in a hotel with 4 kids and 10 pets.

    I blame The Orange One and his karma.

  9. Oh my holy hannah! You poor things! I also have a cat that pays no attention whatsoever to mice. He’s like “you get it, I’m retired”. Bless their hearts.

    I love USAA 🙂 Thank goodness for them, at least. But still, this is so not fun! I second (or third) the suggestion that you go on vacation early!

    *huggles and best wishes to you*

  10. All that green garden. I take it the snow did not last. Mexico for Christmas sound good to me. As long as you have a trustworthy contractor who will keep an eye on things while you are gone.
    Julie in San Diego

  11. OMG what a mess you’ve had on your hands! Think your cats need a ‘refresher course’ in how to handle rodents. So sorry for your newest ‘house issue’. Bourbon (and LOTS of it)will help!!!