Oh, My

I have more knitting gadgets and loot than anybody I know. I have needles of all sizes and types. I have a collection of straights, both plastic and faux tortoiseshell, every type of double pointed sock needle known to man, and several different brands of circulars in multiple sizes and lengths. I have a set of Denise Interchangeables. So I needed new knitting needles like “a fish needs a bicycle”.

That didn’t stop me. I couldn’t resist it when Knitpicks announced their new Options knitting needle collection. I looked at them for a day or so, then checked around the blogs and noted that several people had received some, and liked them. Off I went, with the credit card number conveniently memorized for occasions such as this. They came in the mail this week.

The verdict? Wow. Here is a photo set that shows them.

The whole mess out of the box. The needle tips come in sizes 3.5mm to 8mm (US 4 to 11). They also sell the smaller sizes 2.5mm to 3.25mm (US 0-3) as plain circulars, in a variety of lengths. You can get cables in varying lengths, and if you want, can just buy the tips separately so you get just the sizes you use most frequently. It comes with end caps so you can use the cables as stitch holders, or use the tips with a cable as a “straight” needle.


The kit comes with a nice zip-up case. You can buy extra pocket folders as well.


Close-up of a needle, and the end caps.


The cables are nice and flexible, and fairly thin, so the stitches slide along nicely. The joins are amazingly smooth. I’ve never seen an interchangeable connection this nice, and it puts most other circulars that I’ve tried to shame. The yarn just glides over the connection with no catch. The little paper-clippy thing is to tighten the tips so they don’t unscrew in the middle of a row.


Here’s a shot of the tips. They are dangerously sharp, sharp enough for the most discriminating lace knitter. The needle on the left is an Aero circular, which is another new favorite of mine (get yours here). The Options tips are just a bit pointier.


Downside? These are as slick as any needle that I’ve tried. I’m a fan of wood and plastic, as they are more flexible in my hands. These are very slippery, and I’m not sure I’d want to try an equally slippery yarn (think slinky rayon or silk) with these. If you like a slick needle, these are your babies. The Aeros aren’t quite as smooth, which could be a good thing, if your yarn wants to slide away from you.

Overall verdict? I love them. They have many advantages over the Denise system, which I also own and love. One big advantage is the ability to buy the needle tips and cables individually. You can get just one set of tips in your favorite size and one set of cables to try them out, without breaking the bank. They come in smaller sizes than the Denise set. I’ve seen the Boye interchangeable set, and though I know many people are fans, that aluminum clinky sound they make just drives me nuts. I don’t like the joins on the Boyes, either. I’ve had my Denise needles come unscrewed in the middle of a row. So far, these look very snugly joined. I’m a happy girl!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I know y’all can’t wait, but you’ll just have to. Thanks again for all the support you’ve given me!

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Oh, My — 14 Comments

  1. I just love mine…. they make me so happy – in such a knit-geek kind of way. I was having the time of my life opening all the packages and organizing it all in my little binder with all the pockets.
    It’s kind of that “back to school” new school supplies kind of high.
    And that’s just my geek factor kicking in, playing with them sans yarn! – that’s not even talking about their finer points, you know, as actual usable needles to knit with.

  2. Yeah . . . I knew I was going to buy these eventually, and I caved today. Hey, I haven’t bought yarn since before Memorial Day because of the Summer of Stash but I CAN buy notions!! (grin).

  3. Holy Batman, Needle-Girl! Thanks for the cool review – I’m too chicken to get these slippery devils… yet…
    Have a fab weekend!

  4. I got some dpns, and cirs, and sizes 4-11 of the tips will almost all of the cables.
    I’ve knitted with some dpns (very sharp) and cirs (nice and smooth)
    They are very slick, and won’t work for every yarn, but overall, I’m quite pleased.

  5. Hey, I got mine today and I love them – but I didn’t get the needle sizer! What’s up with that???

  6. Well, I still think I could go needle to needle with you in the STASH department, but this, I have never heard of! I can’t wait to check it out. Please keep us up to date if you still love them after a few projects!
    Also, my weigh in day is Friday, but I bailed today – I just feel like I didn’t lose…so I was a bad bad scared girl. I will send skinny vibes to you tomorrow morning!

  7. I keep hearing all these great reviews on thses I’m going to have to break down and order myself a set! like I really need more needles right. I’m sure you’ll knit faster to ….;o)) EnjoY!

  8. Thanks for the review. I’ve been really ogling these, but waffling over whether to make the jump since I have so many Addi Turbo’s. I doubt I’ll spring for the whole set (I can’t even remember the last time I used a needle over size 7), but that’s the beauty of these – you just buy what you need. I’ll definitely try them for my next lace project.

  9. I saw all the reviews and ordered last week. I have been looking for pointy for lacy stuff. Aeros were the other option in the past, but I hadn’t gotten it together to order any. Appreciate your review, AND the comparison with the Aeros.

  10. Thanks for the review. I’ve been eyeing these up since Knitpick’s said they were coming but I haven’t broken down and purchased them yet. It’s nice to have some information about them from someone I “know”!

  11. Well I have been wanting those too. And now there is another good rating on them. I have Denise’s too and thought I wouldn’t have to buy any more needles. Well want and need are a little interchangeable aren’t they?
    I know you can do it, keep it up!

  12. Greetings, Lorette. My Name is Labean Knitter and I would like to tell you about these poor fish down in Madagascar. They desperately need new bicycles to spread the gospel of knitting… LOL So you love the needles.. That’s great! I keep looking at them and I say, But isn’t this going to put the Denise people out of business? After some thought I figured no, because unfortunately the Options set are metal and will probably cause all sorts of airplane-knitting problems. That’s where the Denise set is king. But smoother materials/joins, smaller sizes/individual sizing, trumps all for people like me who’ll probably never fly again anyway. And if I should ever be in a position to fly, I’ll just have to take projects on bamboo!
    Thanx for the review! And congrats on the weight loss!!

  13. Oh, I wan’t these! I got Denise needles for cristmas but they don’t work well with me. I need slippery needles, smother joins and thinner cables. “Options” seems to be the best choise but! KnitPicks don’t ship to Europe! What a turndown. 🙁