One Finished, Another Restarted

The blue scarf is finished. Before I say anything else, if your name is Linda, and you’re my sister, and you’re expecting a gift from me, don’t go any further if you want this to be a surprise.

If your name is Linda, and you’re my sister, click here instead so you have something to do for the next few days until this arrives in the mail.

Here it is, for those of you not named Linda, and not related to me.



Pretty, eh? Project details:

Pattern: Lead or Follow Lace Scarf, by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. Her website is here.
Yarn: Richesse et Soie, by K1C2, a cashmere-silk blend; color is #9633, which is a pretty cornflower blue.
Needles: 3.75mm
Started: July 2005. Actually I started this a couple of years ago, but it sat in hibernation for awhile, so I had to restart it because I couldn’t figure out where I was in the pattern.
Finished: January 24, 2006

This is a great pattern. It’s clear and well-written, and once I figured out that it doesn’t mix well with bourbon, I did OK with it. It’s “knitted lace” instead of “lace knitting”, meaning that every row is a pattern row with increases and decreases. “Lace knitting” means that every other row is a plain row, either knitted or purled. I didn’t know that before. “Knitted lace” is really no harder than the other kind, it just means you don’t have that long easy row every other row to relax with.
The yarn is heavenly too, though spendy for anything more than a scarf. It’s fingering weight, so it’s a little easier to handle for someone relatively new to lace.

My next lace project (already started, but no pictures yet) is in “real” lace yarn, and I’ve already expanded my knowledge of swear words logarithmically.

And then there are those socks. Here’s a picture:


If you’re thinking that it looks like I finished the first sock and that this might be the beginning of the mate, you would be wrong. I ripped the damn thing out and started over for two reasons. First, I decided that I liked the section where the contrast-rainbow color pops out better than the more subtle version. So I switched the yarn-hand-holding position when I restarted. So now the multicolor is in my LEFT hand. I like it better. The second, and more important reason, is that I think they were going to be a bit tight on my Bigfoot big feet, so I started over with the next bigger size on the chart.

Last, but not least, a little amusement, and a quiz. I always knew I was a nerd. Not bad for a biology major.

True English Nerd
You scored 89 erudition!
Not only do you know your subjects from your objects and your
from your indefinite articles, but you’ve got quite a handle on the
literature and the history of the language as well. Huzzah, and well
done! The English snobs of Boston salute you.
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 90% on erudition

Link: The Are You Truly Erudite? Test written by okellelala on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

OK, after some fiddling around, I still couldn’t get that to fit in the blog window, so it’s staying the way it is. I have zero patience for html crap.


One Finished, Another Restarted — 25 Comments

  1. That scarf is beautiful. Thank you on letting us know the difference between lace knitting and knitting lace. I didn’t know that either.

  2. WOW! The scarf is lovely. Beautiful work!! I want to knit one now and have no practical use for a lacey one. Love the socks as well.

  3. The scarf is stunning! I was feeling that yarn in Patternworks this morning, so I know recently how lush it feels. Lucky sister!

  4. The scarf is absolutely gorgeous–everything about it!
    Oh, and the erudition test? I am also a True English Nerd, but with three points lower than you . . . I wonder which questions I got wrong?

  5. You may know me as Dorothy, but I am really Linda, your long lost sister. In fact, I believe we are twins, separated at birth. And have I told you that I love blue? And Lace? What a coincidence! The scarf is beautiful!!! Well done.

  6. What a beautiful scarf! Lucky sister! I never knew that about knitting lace and lace knitting. Of course, I’ll never be able to remember which is which after today.

  7. That scarf is so beautiful. Both the color and pattern are scrumptious.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too. It took Basil less then 4 hours to escape his cage, I guess we’ll be investing in a birdy padalock.

  8. What a gorgeous scarf! Lucky, lucky sister!! Gorgeous red socks also! I’ve been knitting boring socks, to go with the dark pants I wear to my student teaching. Your red socks make me long for bright socks!

  9. Lucky Sis, the scarf is stunning! Really beautiful!
    I love the new incarnation of the socks too, prettier than the bookcover ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This scarf is so beautiful, both the color and the lace pattern! It will definitely go on my ‘future knits’ list.

  11. Wow! Your scarf is tremendous. I am inspired to try some serious knitting of lace now–though I loved those “purl back” rows on the project I just completed. Oh well, time for a new challenge.

  12. That is some prettiful scarf knittin’ you’ve done there. I’m LOVING how delicate it is. Wow. Great job hon.

  13. I love the cornflower blue – blue is my favorite colour and lace is one of my favorite things to do – it must be fate. I will have to make one now. The scarf turned out beautifully.
    Great job!