Oodles Of Yarn!

The astute reader will note that the yarn buying ticker was reset. This past weekend was the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, and I had no illusions from the beginning of this little yarn fast of making it through that one without buying yarn. I mostly bought sock yarn*, with a couple of skeins of laceweight thrown in for good measure.

If you think I’m going to post individual photos of all that, you’re delusional. Let’s just say that when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard.

I had guests here for the Madrona weekend. Kris had also signed up for classes, and Dorothy just came along to shop and play. They all stayed here all weekend, and we had a blast while John waited on us hand and foot (thanks, Sweetie…that was the best Valentine’s gift!). Dorothy brought Maggie, her Corgi pup along for a play date with Lewey. Lewey is seriously in love. Here are a couple of photos from the weekend.

I took an all day class from Evelyn Clark on Designing Lace Triangles, which was terrific. She is a great teacher, and I learned a lot about shawl structure, as well as some techniques that will carry over into non-lace knitting. The following day was a morning class from Kathy Connelly on learning to knit continental style. I learned to knit as a confirmed “thrower”, and wasn’t all that convinced that I could learn this particular new trick. During the class, I knitted several rows of garter stitch, then some stockinette. Ok, this isn’t so bad, I thought, but nothing to write home about. Then I tried a K2 P2 rib pattern. Oh yeah, baby, now I see the point. I’m now a converted “picker”. Once I finish the projects I currently have on the needles, I’m never going back. All in all it was a great festival…good classes, and a great market. Combine that with wonderful friends, and what’s not to like?

This coming weekend is the annual Wintergrass extravaganza, so I’m getting my bluegrass knitting lined up. Next time I’ll post some project photos!

*Because we all know that sock yarn doesn’t count!


Oodles Of Yarn! — 15 Comments

  1. Welcome to the dark side of the Continent(al)!
    My mother initially taught me English-style knitting, then when she learned Continental, she encouraged me to learn too — I was in college — mostly to make colorwork easier (and does it EVER! Once you get good at both, holding one color in each hand makes stranded colorwork fly!). I found I was so much faster at ‘picking’ so that pretty quickly became my preferred method. Good for you for giving it a good try, in any case.
    Madrona sounds wonderful; maybe some year I’ll have to leave the snow behind and check it out!

  2. Sock yarn doesn’t count? hmm come to think of it you’re right. I’ve NEVER heard my sock yarn counting at all!
    I’m jealous you got to take a class with Evelyn. I have her book that discusses the lace triangle thing, and it really opened my eyes in terms of shawl design but a class would have been even better! I’m glad you enjoyed your Madrona weekend.

  3. Wasn’t it a great fiber fair? !
    So sorry to not cross paths last weekend, but we were all so busy taking amazing classes.
    John deserves a big hug and a smooch on the cheek for being the perfect fiber-weekend-husband-host πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, is that some Raven I see?! *covets* Sounds likea blast! Maybe I’ll have to beg couch space for Madronna next year… πŸ˜‰

  5. I wish that pile of yarn would be quietly stashed into Ravelry; so, I can take a good gander and have the opportunity to drool effectively.
    (Did I say that out loud?)

  6. Nice haul and fun with friends! I seem to twist my stitches when I attempt to knit continental. And I am happy enough with the speed of my throwing. I just need to figure out a better way for 2 color knitting.

  7. Looks like Lewey is definitely better. Maggie is sooo cute. I wish I could’ve gone to Madrona. It sounds like an awesome fest.

  8. Gorgeous yarns. I can be virtuous and knit from my stash nearly all year because the East Coast fiber festivals are in the fall. I can see some STR peeking out of that stack.
    I just had the reverse experience with English knitting. As a picker (and a combined knitter to boot), I simply couldn’t imagine what you did with the yarn and needles when you “threw”. But I finally managed to get some two-handed, two-color knitting accomplished, and I really liked throwing. I’m still wondering how you purl, though. I haven’t managed that in English knitting.

  9. I had sort of hoped to recognize you at Modrona, but no such luck. Wasn’t it fabulous? (next time where a stethoscope around your neck or something, ok?) we could have even carpooled as I had a friend in town and we went back and forth every day. I took some great classes too, and met some other Ravelry folk.
    I like your new ticker, and the tiara glam picture too.

  10. Ooooh, nice stuff! If you’re going to fall off the wagon, might as well do it in a big way. =)
    I sent you a PM thru Ravelry — just in case you don’t log in there for a couple days. Would love to hear back from you.

  11. Oh, yarn!! And Madrona! And learning to pick rather than throw. And friends. And a nice visiting corgi. I’d say you have gone to heaven!!