After I finished the Ruffles shawl, I needed to cast on another semi-mindless project. I mentioned in my last post that I might do another Hitchhiker shawl, so I started rummaging around in my yarn stash for the perfect yarn.

I found this.

I bought this from Peace Fleece about a year ago, and it's been sitting in a lonely yarn box ever since. The Peace Fleece owners contracted with a group of women from Afghanistan and bought some of their hand spun cashmere to sell. I snapped up two skeins of this lovely ivory yarn. It is 500 yards of about sport weight.

This stuff is just dreamy. It's like knitting with clouds. I've never knitted with 100% cashmere before, this may be a dangerous discovery.

I didn't think this would necessarily work for a Hitchhiker, so I pulled out another Martina Behm pattern, 22 Little Clouds.

The yarn and pattern are a perfect match. This is simple stockinette with a ruffle at the end (I guess I'm into ruffles this year!), with nothing to distract from the softness and beauty of the yarn.

As I'm sitting here knitting, thoughts of Maliknoz are on my mind. Her life is undoubtedly much different than mine, but I'd bet that she gets just a little bit of the same joy in spinning this beautiful fiber as I do in knitting with it.



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  1. So beautiful. And I’m guessing, like me when knitting with handspun, you feel the love that went into making it. ❤️