Opal Candystripe Socks




Yarn: Opal, #518, from the 2002 collection. I named it Candy Stripes.

Pattern: Basic top-down, flap-heel, stocking stitch. I used a picot hem on the top, which I shamelessly copied from Claudia. This is my first picot hem, and it is fun, easy, and flirty. Perfect for girlie socks.

Needles: 2.25mm dpns.

Started:  February 2006 as the Wintergrass knitting project
Finished: 4-9-06.

What I learned: I love plain socks. I think all those other fancy socks are very pretty, and no doubt fun to knit, but I love the process of just knitting around and around mindlessly in plain stocking stitch, and coming up with a sock at the end. The picot hem was new, and I might put it on everything else that I ever knit, it was that much fun. This was also my first experience with Opal yarn, and it is indeed as wonderful as everyone claims.

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