I know you’ve all been in suspense since my last post, waiting to see what I would pick out of that immense pile of sock yarn for my next pair of socks. I have to admit, it would be easier if I only had four or five hanks of yarn to choose from. In the end, I just randomly picked a color that appealed to me, in a brand I haven’t knit with for awhile.

Claudia described my sock yarn stash as “biggish”, which I think was a bit of an understatement. Laurie asked how many there are. 162. There is enough yarn there for 162 pairs of socks. I’ll let that sink in a bit.

OK, here’s what I picked.

Opal Hundertwassers, color 1434. I just love the creative names these guys give their colorways. And I love Opal sock yarn. It’s not the “squooshiest” sock yarn out there, and is a bit finer than some, but it is well-made, not splitty, and wears like iron. And the colors are fabulous. This is the kind of stuff you keep knitting just to see what comes next.

Pretty, eh?

In case you’ve been napping, Claudia is doing her MS Ride this weekend, and there is still time to donate to the cause. There are lots of swell prizes to win, so get over there and empty out your wallet. Last year, knitters donated enough to win Claudia’s team the right to wear the #1 jersey this year. What are you waiting for? Go!

I’m off to see what comes after that orange band.

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Opal — 15 Comments

  1. Gorgeous – I have a pair of socks in the blue Hundertwasser color way (& also knit a hat for one of my great nephews) but I like this color way so much more. I like Opal a lot too – it is pretty soft after washing. Maybe not the softest available but, for as well as it wears, it is probably the softest.

  2. That Opal is strangely appealing… I like Opal and Meilenweit and Trekking for being sturdy and having fun colors. I’m ok that they aren’t squooshy.

  3. I adore Opal sock yarn. It softens up beautifully in the wash, wears like iron, and oh! the colors!!!

  4. 162! Really? Wow! The Opal is lovely. Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve every knit with Opal. I do have one skein of handpaint in my stash. I will have to consider it soon.

  5. Oooh… I like those colors. And you’re right… Opal wears like iron. I am so abusive to my handknit socks and the Opal socks don’t show the slightest bit of wear.

  6. Wow! What amazing colors in that sock yarn. Wish someone would make a squooshy version.
    The aliens went back home. Apparently, they think Earth is not suitable for a vacation planet. Too many guns, grenades, and Twinkies.
    Thanks for the compliments on my shawl!

  7. Ya love Opal eh? Well Little Knits is having their Big Summer Sale including Opal at 50-68% off! Not sure how much is left after I told Ruth 🙂 Those are fun colors.

  8. Okay, Lorette….reality check here, hmmm….at one pair a month that will be THIRTEEN years before you knit it all up! At two pair a month that will be SEVEN years!
    I’ve been on a closet-purging-binge this last month so maybe I’m being a little too realistic for you but it sure has made me ask myself, ‘Why the heck to I have all this stuff?’ I immediately put myself on a yarn diet and I haven’t yet gotten to my knitting room. So friend, wanna go on a diet with me? LOL

  9. Such great colors!
    162 pairs of socks? whoa. talk about a fabulous fiber-IRA !
    and those three irish girl socks are wonderful.

  10. One of my favorites since I met Wolfgang in 2000. Have you seen the pix on their website about the Rainforest project or some of socks on a clothesline?

  11. Thanks Lorette!
    I’m staying with biggish. Although I do wonder how many socks one can knit in one lifetime…