That baby, that is. This is a good thing for me, not so good for the mom-to-be. If your name is Jen, and you are about to give birth any minute, now is the time to step away from the computer. You should be off packing your bag to go to the hospital. The rest of you can read on.

I have finished all the pieces to the baby sweater:


Now I just have to sew them all together, and do the collar finishing. This is Stephanie’s Daisy pattern from Knitty. I have plenty of yarn left over, so I think I will put the hood on as well. I am making this in the middle size, to fit a larger baby. I figure all new babies get a ton of cute infant outfits that they wear once before they grow out of them. This one will fit him when he’s more like 8 months old. With the sleeves rolled up, he can wear it while it’s too big, and the wearing season can be stretched for at least a couple of months.


I’m off to watch the Weather Channel. With the weather being so calm and lovely here today, it’s hard to fathom that New Orleans is about to get pummeled to the ground. My thoughts are with all the people of the Gulf Coast region; here’s one way we can all help:


Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund. Here’s the deal: I’m not going to volunteer to keep track of knit bloggers’ donations, Harlot-style, because, well, I can’t even balance my checkbook.  But I challenge you all to donate to the RC, and to put that button on your blog when you do (save it to your server first, of course). You are on your honor, and you don’t have to blog the amount that you have given. $5, or $5000; it will all help.

Go here. Margene and Susan have set up an official blog page to inspire you to donate to the Red Cross. If the Red Cross doesn’t suit you, Angela has a list of other ideas for charities to send your money to. Give what you can.



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  1. Yes, I made a donation this morning, just before I posted about the hurricane. Because, you know, there are hurricanes and then there are HURRICANES!

  2. I am in love with the yarn you used for that baby sweater–what is it?
    Crossing my fingers that the hurricane won’t be too bad, and balancing my checkbook so I know what to donate.

  3. I wish I had the guts to try and knit another baby sweater…or maybe just finish the one I’ve started.
    Good for you for using such a great color scheme!

  4. Very cute! I like the bright green color. My husband is a disaster educator for the ARC and things like this are good for business (actually, he volunteers). But he gets a lot of calls for classes on disaster preparedness. That’s one positive effect – it gets people thinking about how they can prepare for things like this.

  5. Love the way the sweater turned out in that yarn…so cute!
    I am happy to live in a landlocked area. The devastation from Katrina is amazing and it continues. Prayers go out to everyone.

  6. I also have been making larger “baby” items – the moms seem grateful that the kids have something to wear for more then the few newborn weeks. I really like how the “striping” lined up – that’ll look great on a little one.
    thanks for setting up the “knitting medical types” – there are a few there that I haven’t checked out yet.
    (I should add that my respect for you as a hospitalist has tripled since my IM rotation started; I’m sure someday 7 on, 7 off will seem doable, but right now I can’t imagine not having a weekend…)

  7. hey! Daisy! Mee tooo!!! Mine is all white though. Not sure if I wanna do the hood. I’m feeelin’ lazy. it would look WAY cute with it though 🙂 I like the yarn you picked though! nice!

  8. Hi Lorette,
    Off the topic I know, but I just HAD to let you know re. your comment on ‘January One’ on August 29 that the ‘Undertoad’ expression comes from John Irving’s ‘World According to Garp’ and I think was said by young Walt, son of Garp. I thought if I commented on that site you might not see it.
    I leave you with another Irving-ism which seems appropriate to the topic (from The Hotel New Hampsire). ‘Keep passing the open windows.’
    Nicola (from Wickow, Ireland)

  9. Just wanted to thank you for the sympathetic thoughts for the folks down south. All the prayers and well wishes are so much appreciated. Knitters are such terrific humanitarians! Thank you! Oh, and the baby sweater is gorgeous! What a cozy and well dressed little chap he’ll be!

  10. i’ll be dontating later today when the bratlings are home and can at least talk about it. i might as well make it a learning situtation while i am at it! the baby sweater is beautiful, i love the color.

  11. That baby sweater is goign to be gorgeous!! I want to see baby pictures in sweater at some point in the future!
    Thanks for posting the disaster relief button. I just got home from my field work trip and I was looking online tonight about where to donate. They need lots of good thoughts down there… Its just so sad.

  12. You did great on the baby sweater and I love the color! I’m with you about the larger size. My kids didn’t even fit in newborn clothes they were so big.