Peacock in Progress

I’m finally to that point in this shawl where it’s getting exciting again. You know how it is. You start a big lace project, you’re all enthusiastic about it, and you can’t put it down. Then it gets to that point. All you lace knitters know it. The shawl gets big enough that it just looks like a blob on the needles, and the rows keep getting interminably longer and longer. It seems like you’ll never get to that last chart.

Well here I am. At the last chart.

I have 22 rows to go. The rows currently have around 450 stitches, and are getting longer and longer and longer. Now that I’m seeing the end, though, it’s getting fun to knit this again.

Here’s how much yarn I have left of the first hank.

I’m pretty sure it won’t make it through the last row. Fortunately I bought a second hank of this. I won’t have to use much of it, but this is one of those shawl patterns that is a little hard to adjust by adding or subtracting rows.

Our other big project is the kitchen remodel. We now have cabinets and sinks, and the granite counters will be installed today. The rest of the finishing work should be done by next week.

We’re also remodeling the “powder” room off the dining room, since the cabinets and counters were the same as in the old kitchen.

Now we just need to decide what will be the first thing we cook in the new kitchen!


Peacock in Progress — 16 Comments

  1. I love that tile around the bathroom mirror. And I can’t wait to see your finished shawl–it’s a very pretty blob!

  2. beautiful! the shawl, the kitchen, all of it, beautiful. I think you should either make an old favorite or something you will never make again. If you do something you will make a million more times it will bring you back to the new kitchen each time. If you make something new and fantastic and probably won’t make again then it will be celebratory and fabulous!

  3. That shawl is awesome. The remodeling is also awesome. It’s been a while since we had a big project like that in these parts (after many years of nothing BUT big projects like that) and I kinda miss it a little. I just love your house, that’s all.

  4. I can’t wait to see the finished shawl – and the kitchen. Lovely, both of them. and the littlest room! 😉

  5. Oh I LOVE that mirror! That is stunning.
    One of these days I’m knitting Peacock, but I have that fear of never ending lace as well, I have to be sold on the fact it’ll take me a couple of years to finish before I even start.

  6. Wow, the remodel looks amazing. Very, very cool. Can’t wait to see the Peacock shawl all blocked. I always thought that pattern was beyond my skill level (or should I say patience level) but I’m starting to think about it more and more.

  7. WOW! The shawl is stunning! The kitchen is looking wonderful and I know the two of you can’t wait for the whole thing to be finished! Lewey looks ever so handsome in the photo as well! And the Powder Room….beautiful!

  8. Nice remodel. Like the cherry a lot.
    Peacock will be worth it. She is always magnificent once blocked. Do you have enough squares?

  9. Your kitchen is looking awesome. I also love the mirror in the powder room.
    I think you need to invite good friends, drink wine and make a paella for your kitchen inauguration event.
    Love the shawl, btw. I know you can’t wait to finish it.

  10. Is the tile part of the mirror or is the back wall tiled with a mirror hung on it? Well, either way I love it!

  11. Getting to the last chart is so exciting – especially when you know you’re going to have enough yarn! The kitchen is gorgeous. You two really deserve it