Peony Socks!

Whew! I finally finished something.



Project Details:

Started: April 30th, 2009 (hey, at least it was in the same calendar year!)

Finished: December 26th, 2009

Yarn: Zoe Shalimar Sock, color Peonies, purchased from Kris at Sonny & Shear

Needles: Signature dpns, size 2.25mm

For: Me

What I learned: Knitting plain socks is still endlessly amusing. And I love wearing plain socks in every color of the rainbow.

This yarn is quite nice. It’s superwash merino, and I added a bit of pink Wooly Nylon when I knitted the heels and toes, to give it a little more durability. I tend to just wear through my socks at the bottom of the heels, though it’s better if I wear them with real shoes, and not Birkenstocks. For some reason, the open clogs rub more on the sock. If you want to try the Wooly Nylon, here’s where I got mine, though you can find it in fabric shops as well. I have it in a bunch of colors, though it’s fine enough that even if it doesn’t match perfectly, it just disappears. I just try to get in the same general color family and intensity.

I hope everyone’s holiday was lovely. We are still having ours, with the last set of family arriving today for dinner and gift exchanging. Santa will probably be glad, he’s had a busy week. I had the honor of working for the four-day Christmas weekend, and have to go in today as well, but then I have a couple of days off, and I do get the New Year’s weekend off as well. Just as a public service announcement, remember to go buy your black eyed peas for the annual New Year’s Day BEP cook-off. I wouldn’t want you to get caught short without them!


Peony Socks! — 18 Comments

  1. Gosh, I forgot all about black-eyed peas! I’ll get some today. I’ll be working on New Year’s Eve and Day. It is always festive and kind of fun to be working on big holidays, but only the really sick come, so there aren’t the sort of sick to lighten one’s load.

    The socks are wonderful.

  2. I’m glad you said that about plain stockinette socks. I just cast on for a pair for Secundogeniture and I was debating making plain stockinette or something with a slight pattern. I think I’ll make stockinette thanks to your inspiration.

    My Faery Ring took a backseat to holiday knitting. I’m trying to finish one more project (from 5 years ago!) and then will start anew on January 1st. Deal?

  3. PS – How do you like the Signature DPNs? They’re on my wishlist (x2) and I haven’t really heard anyone other than my LYS give them a review. Please let me know before I put down the money for them.

  4. I too prefer plain socks, although I have been known to do 2×2 or 3×1 ribbing on the leg. Yeah, I like to live dangerously. But the pair OTN right now have ::gasp!:: a small cable going up either side of the leg! Love yours!

  5. Noce to have a new addition to the foot wardrobe in time for the new year! they are lovely. My fairy ring is on hold right now too. the next row is the setup for the bodice cables, which I charted out stitch by stitch. I’m starting on New year’s.

  6. Your socks are so pretty…and PINK!!! I just knew you couldn’t stay away from that color for very long! LOL

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. I’ll bet you were happy working on these socks. I love it when I knit on cheery-colored yarn that feels good and looks good. They are beautiful! Plain socks are great with self striping yarn.

  8. Wow, nobody at my hospital had to work the four-day weekend, I don’t believe. All the nurses were scheduled for either Thursday or Friday, until the census dropped into the toilet and everyone but me got canceled. Of course, I’m thinking primarily of the night shift, so perhaps there were doctors on days who had to work all weekend. I’m pretty sure we had a different hospitalist on for each night however.

  9. 2010 might well be the year that I knit my very first pair of “plain” socks.
    must go get my BEP!
    Merry Christmas to you and John.

  10. I still find that my plain stockinette socks are the ones I wear the most. I never thought about woolly nylon! I even have several colors on hand from sewing. Must try that out – when I’m not spinning.

  11. I solve the “interesting socks” issue by knitting plain patterns with fabulously interesting yarn. Presto! That way I can watch TV and knit at the same time. 🙂