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The Peacock shawl is washed and blocking. It’s cotton, and a bit heavier laceweight at that, so it’s taking forever to dry. Here are some photos.

I think I used about a million pins on that border. This is the part where I’m really glad that I have my blocking tools. I soaked the whole thing in soapy water for awhile, then threaded blocking wires (welding wires bought in a large tube from Airgas) through the top and down the center. The bottom scalloped border is pinned. The mat underneath is a whole stack of those kiddy play mats, which I love. I can crawl around on them on my hands and knees without getting bruised up, and I just pin right into them.

This thing is huge. It’s about 84 inches across the top, and 42 from back neck to tip. If you are a shorter person, I’d think twice about making this one in a heavier weight yarn. More details and photos once it’s dry.

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Pin Forest — 18 Comments

  1. So beautiful–but then, you know I adore that pattern!
    And yes–I ended up (gulp) giving mine away because it was just way too long on me. If I ever do it again, I’m using smaller needles!

  2. Gorgeous!! I think you should model it for us, in that beautiful new fancy bathroom of yours that I may or may not seriously covet!

  3. Beautiful! Where did you get your mats from?? I like that you can add mix and match pieces on the sides to fit the item you are blocking.

  4. It’s lovely! The first time I saw your play mats as blocking squares, I knew you were a true genius! Love seeing them. I saw them being sold somewhere in white for the express purpose of blocking. Hmmm – I hope you’re getting some sort of royalty fee.

  5. Looks fabulous! I’m still nervous about blocking stuff (even though I have all the tools), so I’m hesitant to try big lace projects. I have a lace scarf in the works, so someday I’ll put the blocking to the test.

  6. What type of welding rods do you buy? Is there a specific type of metal?

  7. Peacock is looking gorgeous. Despite the time it takes to pin it out, I would make it again (I’ve made 2). Can’t wait to see the model shot, but not sure you could spread your wings in that bathroom!

  8. yours is lovely! I made mine in Zephyr (Lulabellebird’s Peacock on Rav) and it came out huge too. I think Dorothy’s Fiddlesticks patterns are so nice to work from, I too will make others of hers and maybe make another peacock someday. I must get some of those foam squares for blocking.

  9. Congratulations! Pretty as a Peacock! Gorgeous shawl..and the kitchen! AWESOME…very classy. love the colors. (shawl & kitch.)

  10. I have the pattern, you are inspiring me to take the plunge and actually knit the thing.
    Blocking wires + pins. Yep, have those and the blocks too. Oh, you mean I have to knit it as well?