Pink Panther Dragon Scales Washcloth


Yarn: Euroflax linen, sportweight, Pink Panther
Pattern: Dragon Scales Washcloth, from Knitters Stash.
Started: ??
Finished: August 29, 2006
Needles: Vintage faux tortoise shell straights, size 3.25mm (labelled Imperial size 10)
For: ?? This might be a gift, or maybe just for me.

What I learned: I learned that I hate knitting complex stitch patterns from text. I would much rather knit from a chart. I kept losing my place in the pattern until I sat down and charted it out, which only took a few minutes. I can’t quite figure out why this stitch pattern scallops on one edge and not the other. If this was a big shawl it would irritate me, but it’s just a facecloth.

I liked doing this more than I thought I would. The yarn is just lovely stuff. I’ve made one other linen cloth from this book, and they are wonderful for facecloths. I have enough of the Euroflax linen to make a whole trousseau worth of cloths. I think I’ll go get out the stitch dictionary and get to work.

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