Pink & Sparkly

I finally got around to getting photos of this today.

Pink & Sparkly-6259


Project Details:

Pattern: Heaven and Space, by Martina Behm

Yarn: Bouton d’Or Songe, in PINK. 3 skeins. I bought this in a yarn shop in Nice, France when we took a cruise that left from there in 2006. Deep stash. 570 meters out.

Needles: 3.75 mm

Started: December 6, 2014

Finished: June 7, 2015

For: Me!

Modifications: None. This is one of those patterns that you can adapt for pretty much any yarn. I knit until I had just enough left over to do the bind off.

What I Learned: Note to self. Please remember to check the lot numbers on ball bands in the future. This was knit with 3 balls of yarn, after I blocked it, I noticed that the center ball of yarn is just a shade off. Not enough to notice when it’s around your neck, but still.

Here’s another photo.

Pink & Sparkly-6268



That one shows the shape better. It starts from one point (the one at the top in this photo, then increases at both sides, then binds off at the long straight side. If you look carefully you can see the very slight shift in color in the center section.

Last but not least.


Lewey says “Happy Fathers’ Day!”  He adores his human dad.


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  1. The color is very flattering for you. My niece is visiting from Ottawa. She is ga-ga about corgis, and takes photos of any and all she encounters. Apparently, there aren’t any where she lives.