Playing With Photos


One of the WordPress features that I’ve discovered is that you can upload a thumbnail of a photo, but when you click on it, it opens a bigger photo in a new browser tab. Go ahead, click on that and see what happens.

Do you recognize that man? That’s my sweet husband, many many years ago when he was in Vietnam. He found an old box of slides from that era, and I convinced him to get them transferred to digital format. I have to say, he took some great photos while he was there. I’m trying to convince him to start a blog of his own, so I won’t post them all here, but here’s one more of my handsome soldier boy.



Playing With Photos — 6 Comments

  1. The gallery function is even better. You can chose the number of columns and now even order them.

    It is a good idea, get old photos onto digital media before they are beyond salvaging…

  2. And what I like is that you can actually tab to the position you want the photo to be placed in the blog and insert it.

    I will have to check into what Holly said about the gallery. I’ve seen it but haven’t used it.

  3. After a day of kayaking about 3 weeks ago, we came home to find out we had 30 minutes to evacuate because of a fast moving fire in our area in Northern CA. Everthing is okay and they got the fire under control, but it sure has got the fire (what a term to use) under my rear to get those old pics scanned and uploaded to my external hard drive. This is because that is one of the things I packed into our RV was my laptop and drive. Funny what becomes important when you have that little amount of time to get the hell out of dodge.