Progress, I Guess…

Because I’m knitting a Startling Pink Secret Project which I can’t show photos of on the blog, I decided to drag out one of the UFO’s from my short list of remaining UFO projects. Here’s the original list of all of them that I put together earlier this year:

1) True Blood Faery sweater

2) Crazy King Cole Mohair thing, um, stole RIP

3) Wollmeise Squashed Frog Socks Finished

4) Grey Ribbed Peace Fleece Socks with red accents RIP

5) Frootloops Morning Glory Stole

6) Puppy Mittens

7) Evenstar Shawl

8 ) Baktus Shawlette Finished

9) Euroflax Linen Facecloth Finished

10) Spirit In The Sky Beret Finished

11) Startling Pink Secret Project (new)

12) Brown Sanguine Gryphon socks (relatively new)

Six projects remain. I should renumber them so the UFO’s are on the top of the list.

1) True Blood Faery sweater

2) Frootloops Morning Glory Stole

3) Puppy Mittens

4) Evenstar Shawl

5) Startling Pink Secret Project (new)

6) Brown Sanguine Gryphon socks (relatively new)

7) Crazy King Cole Mohair thing, um, stole RIP

8 ) Wollmeise Squashed Frog Socks Finished

9) Grey Ribbed Peace Fleece Socks with red accents RIP

10 ) Baktus Shawlette Finished

11) Euroflax Linen Facecloth Finished

12) Spirit In The Sky Beret Finished

There, that makes me happier. Anyway, what was I saying?? Oh, yes, knitting. I dragged out the Puppy Mittens.

These were originally intended to be John’s, a nice little cozy pair of mittens to wear at the dog park. I stuffed the whole mess into a bag last spring when I got tired of them. Here they are again.

I finally had to face the reason that they got stuffed into a bag and hidden away in my office.

I have rather skinny hands. John’s hands are relatively small for a guy, but not this small. Damn damn damn.

Out they came. Here they are, restarted on larger needles.

I should be able to tell for sure in another inch or so if they’ll fit. If not, they’ll be mine, and I’ll make him different mittens. I better get busy. It’s just damned cold and icky outside, and supposed to get colder yet as the week goes on. I’d be embarrassed to have to wear store-bought mittens.


Progress, I Guess… — 13 Comments

  1. I’m in a not-fitting loop these days. I have two tops for me OTN and both are a little too small. Of course, earlier this year, things I was knitting for myself were too large. I am not fluctuating in weight that much…it’s that Gauge Bitch messing me up.

  2. At least you didn’t finish one whole mitten before making the inevitable decision. But it still hurts to rip out that much colorwork.

  3. Seems to be an epidemic when it comes to sizing issues–I have a pair of mittens on the needles now that I think are about to be frogged in favor of bigger needles, too!

  4. Cute mittens! It was 68 about an hour ago but it’s very gray & gloomy & there was a tornado that touched down near Rockford (about 65 miles west of Chicago). It is supposed to be 40 tomorrow & I just heard thunder. As a local meteorologist put it – strong front coming through with storms & possible tornadoes even into Chicago (which is very rare – they usually stay in the far western suburbs). I’m feeling less & less like going to the health club (which has a metal roof.)

  5. So far I have a mental list rather like that, but I haven’t had the guts to put it down on paper (or disseminate it in cyberspace).

    I love those gloves! You might be able to block them out so that they’ll be larger.

  6. Please share the true name of the puppy mittens pattern. My daughters would adore them for walking the dog and across campus.