Progress on Audrey

This has been one hell of a couple of weeks; of the last 20 days, I have worked 16 of them; mostly long, late days.  It makes me cranky when I don’t have time to do anything but work, eat, and sleep.  Not much knitting progress in the last 2 weeks, but I have finished the major pieces of the Audrey sweater.  I finished the second sleeve last night and just have a few ends to weave in.  I just got home from work tonight, so though I would love to start that lace border, it would make for a very unpleasant day tomorrow if I stay up till all hours knitting.

I’m blocking the pieces before I sew them together.  Somehow the front and back are just a tad bit off as far as measurements.  They are the same row count, one is just a bit tighter gauge, I think.  Weird.  It’s enough to bug me a bit, but not enough to even contemplate re-knitting one piece.  I’m hoping blocking will make them closer to the same dimensions.  I’ll wait to take new pictures till I can do it in the daylight.

I have a sick kitty…Lucy has been acting very weird the last few days.  Normally she is a big lovable chicken and does not go outside much.  If she does go out, it’s while we are on the deck, and she stays very close.  2 or 3 nights ago she was out and gone for the longest time.  We went scouting around the neighborhood but couldn’t find her.  Finally about 10PM she came tearing in the cat door like her tail was on fire and an alien was after her.  She has been acting strange since; not eating, hiding in the closet, growling at us when we try to get her to come out.  She finally today is starting to come out of it; she ate tonight and drank some milk, and is purring, though now she is hiding out in the pantry.  I’m almost thinking she might have eaten something poisonous that made her hallucinate or something.  Either that, or the eagles tried to get her and it scared the hell out of her. We talked to a vet friend on the phone and if she is not completely better tomorrow she is off for an appointment so a real doctor can look at her.  Think “well kitty” wishes for her.

I promise some knitting progress pictures soon!


Progress on Audrey — 6 Comments

  1. I hope Lucy is back on her paws soon! They make you worry like kids do!! Growing up, we had an indoor kitty who had gotten outside, and was attacked by another cat. It really affected her personality for a while. She would stay off by herself, didn’t eat much and wouldn’t let anyone but my Mum come near for a week or so. If Lucy is a scaredy-cat by default, it may take a little longer for her to get over her adventures. It never hurts to take them to the vet – better safe than sorry! Please keep us updated!

  2. Lucy seems to be a very popular name for a cat. Poor Lucy. Hope she’s feeling better soon!
    I can’t wait to see your Audrey. I just finished mine yesterday and I’m very pleased. I didn’t block her though.

  3. Oh Loretta, I do hope Lucy is feeling better! It’s so difficult when our “furry children” are sick since they can’t tell us what is wrong.
    My new kitty went for her first check up two days ago and yesterday I found out that she has FIV or feline HIV. I cried all day but then today I started doing research and feel more hopeful.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your Blog and know what you mean about long days at the hosp,as I’m a Critical Care Nurse who works 15+ hour days.
    Let us know about Lucy.