Project Spotlight, and An Unappreciated Finished Project

Oh dear, it's been a month again since posting. Oh well. Summer's here, work's been busy, and I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done.

Let's turn a new leaf, shall we? Here's the Unappreciated Finished Project.

Sedona Sunset socks, finished a month ago. Sheesh. I love them, but apparently not enough to post about them. Here's the Ravelry link.

Then there are the new socks, started the same day those were finished.

The yarn is Abi Grasso Self Striping sock yarn. It is Rainbow and Clouds, I'm calling it Rainbow Bright.

Here's a list of my other projects, I'll post some photos another time.

Rogue, in Peace Fleece. I'm still working on it, but it's a big ass wool sweater, not a lot of fun to have sitting in my lap when it's warm out.

Hitchhiker, I haven't really worked on this since Wintergrass, it will get back in the rotation when the mystery baby project is finished.

Mystery Electrifyingly Blue Baby Project. I'm working away at it. Baby's due in September, I should be on track to finish it about the time he gets to kindergarten.

Cathedral Stole, this one's on the back burner too until I finish my other lace project

And one that got frogged. Find a Penny. I started this for Wintergrass, worked on it a while. I pulled it out a few weeks ago, wasn't loving the pattern at all. I couldn't decide, but then discovered that somewhere in my travels I've lost the second hank of yarn. That nailed the coffin on Miss Penny. She took the one way trip to the frog pond.

Last but not least, my Project Spotlight.

This is Douglas Fir, or a Hap for Harriet. This is getting closer to getting finished. Here are a couple more photos.

That's Zoe, of course, helping out. As soon as I put the shawl on the floor, she raced over to check it out. The color of those photos sucks. It's a typical lovely summer day here, overcast and grey, so photography suffers accordingly. At least it's not pouring rain. Yet.

Zoe has decided she is an indoor-outdoor cat. After her little adventure a few weeks ago with spending the night outside, she has been bolting for the door a lot. So we just decided to go with it. Will is out a lot in the summer, he generally goes in and out a few times during the day, comes in for supper, goes out for a bit, then is back in for bedtime. She has pretty much been following the same pattern. She hangs pretty close to the house, mostly messing around in the bushes in the back yard. Unlike most cats, she comes when she is called, and is very sociable, so I don't think she'll go far. She also loves her food enough that I think she'll hang around. And we really didn't have much choice if they both wanted to keep from getting murdered by us. When we were out of town last weekend, one or both of them shredded our patio screen doors, just because they were pissed off about being locked in the house. So the cat door is back open.

I'll try to be back before another month goes by!


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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


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  1. Loretta, that hap in the Douglas Fir color will be stunning no doubt when it is finished. I always love that color! Perfect for your state and mine, too.