Project Update

I’ve come up with a new way to handle all my yarn stash. I created an Access database file a long time ago, before I got a Mac, but there is no good Mac equivalent of that software that is cheap and easy to use. I finally found one, and if you’re a Mac user, you might want to check out Bento. I was able to import the old Access file info, then I just had to update the thing, and add all the tons of new yarn I’ve added to the stash in the last year and a half since I got my Mac. I just love this software; it’s so easy that you don’t need any database experience to figure it out, and at $49, it meets the criteria of cheap. They have a downloadable demo so you can try it out. The only catch is that you must have the Leopard operating system installed on your Mac to use it.

The really nice part of all this organization is that I have one database field for yarn location, so I can figure out where something is without tearing apart the whole yarn closet to find what I’m looking for. I can sort by any field, which means that if I have a pattern for a lace shawl that uses 1200 yards of laceweight, I can figure out what I have in the stash that works. I also did a little reorganization this past week, as the various box contents are a bit random, and are in order of yarn vintage as much as anything else. I now have all the sock yarns in one place, and all the lace yarn in another place. And I’ve decided to start my own sock of the month club. Every time I get the urge to yarn shop, I’m just turning around and opening a box, and pulling something out that catches my eye. I brought all the sock yarn upstairs to sit right behind me, so I’m not tempted to buy any more.

Hey, it could work.

Here are the various current projects.

I’m not taking a photo of Cobblestone. I’ve done exactly two rows on it in the last two weeks. I need to line up some good movies and just sit down and work on this one.

Here’s my new lace project.

This is going to be a triangular lace shawl, using the Evelyn Clark Knitting Lace Triangles book. So far I think I’m going to use this particular motif for the whole body of the shawl, with a ripple pattern for the border, then an edging. Her book is simple, but brilliant.

The yarn is Alpaca With A Twist Fino, in cream. It’s an alpaca/silk blend, and is just heavenly soft, and whisper light.

Next up is the current sock. This is the Madeline Tosh yarn, in Amaranth. I’ve finished one, and near the heel on the second.

Notice anything odd about those stripes? Here’s a better photo to show you:

What the bloody hell? Yes, I’ve counted and measured. I have the same number of stitches on the needles, the same gauge, and the same size needles. Now I could understand this if this yarn came in smaller skeins, with one separate skein for each sock. But this was one skein, which I split in half to make things easier in trying to calculate how long I could make the cuff. These socks aren’t fraternal; I’m not even sure they’re related. For what it’s worth, I’m liking the second sock better.

Last but not least, I’ve resurrected the Sock Hop yarn from last fall. Remember the ball of sock yarn that I apparently misplaced somewhere between here and Idaho? I finally unravelled the first sock, figuring that after all this time, if I haven’t found the yarn, it’s lost forever.  Here’s its new incarnation:

That’s going to be a jaunty little beret. The pattern calls for one skein of Koigu, so I figure this should be enough. So far, I’m loving the way this yarn stripes.

And finally, my gadget of the week photo. I saw these on a couple of other blogs, and had to get one (of course!).

This is a knitting abacus bracelet, by Hide and Sheep. I figured this might be one of those gadgets that looks nice but never gets used. Not so. I really like the simplicity of how this works, and it’s much prettier than my office supply store clicker counter. I also got some of the stitch markers, which are lovely as well. They make a wide variety of marker styles, including markers for crocheters. Check it out!


Project Update — 15 Comments

  1. I love Hide & Sheeps dangle-free stitchmarkers!! Hmm, is it possible that you might’ve knit one of those socks from the opposite end of the skein than the other?
    I’m impressed by your organization! I used to have all of my yarn in KnitAble, a knitting specific database for the Palm, with a PC desktop component. However, you can’t export your data into anything else, which I’d like to do since I have a lot more database experience than when I got KnitAble. That whole thing has left me cranky – not updating KnitAble, yet not tracking my yarn elsewhere as I buy new.

  2. The lace looks so pretty, it doesn’t seem to me that you need to do much more with the pattern.
    That is the weirdest pair of socks I’ve ever seen. It’s like one is a pod sock or something …
    That row counter is really nice. I may have to check that out …

  3. I feel so unorganized! The best I’ve been able to do is at least get all of my sock yarn in the same place and my lace yarn in the same room. Well, most of it anyway. Love the little bracelet. So many cool gadgets out there. I can’t decide whether to buy things like that or yarn.

  4. That’s a crazy difference between socks, but they’re fun anyway! :0)
    I love all your yarn organization – even if it doesn’t stop you from buying yarn, at least you had fun, right?

  5. Yes I have always been envious of your database. I have Office, so I really have no excuse for not making one of my own.
    Maybe someday I will. I think the bags (those mesh laundry bags) full of yarn are a little scary. Either that or I just don’t think I have enough “good” yarn to account for.
    Ah well. I may still.
    That abacus is cute.

  6. I just bought some Madeline Tosh yarn. I’ve yet to divide it into two balls for knitting Magic Loop yet, though, so I have no idea if the pattern will differ as much sock to sock as yours. You know, if makes me wonder. If you’d simply continued the first sock, kept knitting until it was a knee sock, would it have stayed the wider stripes? Or would it all of a sudden switched to the closer stripes? It’s kind of cool in a wierd way.

  7. I finished….almost…by shawl a few weeks back. I had to bind off asap due to yarn shortage. And I ran out of yarn with 15 stitches to go. I MAY have said something unladylike.
    Yours looks fantastic!!!

  8. Don’t we all promise to keep track of the yarn? The challenge is in updating the data base as things get moved around!
    Good luck and do list that last bit of stash hiding under the bed (assuming that our habits are similar ….)

  9. I thought I was doing well by organizing my stash neatly in plastic boxes with labels on the outside indicating what was within! I have read good things about Bento, but I’m still using Tiger.
    Thanks for the link to the beret. I have two skeins of Koigu in a brown mix (bought years ago) that doesn’t seem to work well with anything currently available. I though these would be ok for socks, but there’s not enough. Berets for presents might just be a way to destash and give myself an excuse to buy more Koigu.

  10. Hey Lorette- the ticker on the top is exactly what I need. What do they say about the road to hell?
    I love that Knitted Triangles book- and looking forward to seeing what you do with the patterns.

  11. interesting socks. I wonder whether you were supposed to knit one from the outside of the ball and the other from the inside. It won’t matter anyway the fashion is for odd socks don’t ya know.
    Love the idea of a stash database.