Public Service Announcement

Kim at filleverywindow is doing her annual Knitters’ Hunk contest. It’s only into day 2, but the competition is fierce. There are some prizes involved, but mostly lots of eye candy. There was a little dust up over an uncooperative blog platform involving a do-over, so the contest is just getting started over. There’s plenty of time left to ogle vote!

In fibery news, here’s what that Army Blanket Green Polwarth is spinning up to be. It’s really a nice soft sage color. I’m not quite half done spinning the fiber, it will be a two ply when it grows up.

And here’s what’s in the dye pot today.

That’s the first round, and there’s four ounces of Lincoln wool 2 ply handspun that I did awhile back, and four ounces of unspun BFL roving. Once that’s out of the dye pot, I have a hank of rhubarb-mordanted yarn that Birdsong sent in the first CSA shipment, and four ounces of BFL-silk roving to toss in. It will be interesting to see the difference in the two batches, if any.

Once again, it’s impossible to capture reds with a camera, at least with my mediocre photography skills. That’s close, but it’s a little bit less orange and more garnet in real life. The dye plant is madder root (but not from my CSA box).

Last but not least, a cat photo for your enjoyment. I heard some rustling around on my desk yesterday, and here’s what I found.

I guess Will likes a messy desk as much as I do.


Public Service Announcement — 4 Comments

  1. The yarn looks great! I would be happy wearing a garment knigged from rhubarb dyed yarn, no matter what it actually looked like. Just because it was rhubarb. But yours looks beautiful.
    And a great desk with a cute occupant.

  2. Wonderful yarn! I’m with Will (who looks very much like my Fuji who is trying to steal my ipad). I had a boss once who posted signs all around the work area saying “A messy desk is the sign of a messy mind.” So I asked him what an empty desk signified. (He was possibly the laziest person I’ve ever met – had favored employees do his work while others were forced to do theirs & then gave the ones who did his work great ratings & monetary awards. And his mind was pretty empty.)

  3. Look at you…all grown up and dyeing yarn!!! Seriously, I admire your adventurous soul, and the great results…just don’t know if I will ever venture into that realm…