I already don’t want to go home. We got here yesterday afternoon, and I’ve fallen in love with the place. I’m not so in love with all the hucksters selling time shares on every corner, but now that we know how to recognize them, we’re good. The trick is to not engage with them. Smile, say “ola” if you must, but don’t break your stride. Trust me, they can outtalk you. They can even outtalk John, which is saying something.

Now for the fun part, the photos.

Here’s taking off and landing.

First margaritas:

First sunset:

Full moon over the marina:

John’s first mojito:

Knitting beside the pool! Big Pink, now with White!

Feet in the Pacific:

Baby turtles! In season, they hatch these and release them into the ocean at sunset every day. We’re about at the end of turtle hatching season, but they let thirty of them go tonight. Only about 10% make it. We named this one Toto, and we’re pretty sure he’s enjoying a swim right now.

More turtle photos:

Run for it, Toto!

And another crappy sunset.

We’re off to dinner, then a walk on the beach with that full moon. Hasta manana!

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  1. And having to look at all those ugly sunsets! Love the baby turtles. One of my grandsons & my granddaughter love sea turtles. The Walter Hayes school in Palo Alto has a big learning experience with each grade studying a sea creature – kindergarteners study tide pool denizens & first graders study sea turtles – each higher grade studies creatures a little further out into the ocean. They do crafts centered around them (1st graders made sea turtle hats) & they have t-shirts with sea creatures & the name of the school. Then at the end of the session, they have a big parade to which parents & community are invited. All are encouraged to wear their finest sea creature hats. Ahhh – I will miss that school (but not as much as my grands – sigh!)

  2. So cool!!! The last time I was in PV (2005) we did the turtle release thing at a small time share, just a little south of where you are. It was such an interesting & fun experience. I am looking forward to more of your PV updates. Have fun! … and say ‘hi’ to John for me … I miss seeing you guys!