No, it’s not what you think. I head down the rabbit hole to work tomorrow morning, so I may or may not get a chance to post in my new blog for a week. So here’s a quickie post.

Did I mention that I have a new blog??

Oh, right, I did.

Never mind.

Here are a couple of photos to tide you over. I finished a project, but I’m not going to post details until it’s been mailed off. So you get cooking and spinning. You’ll have to make do.

We made gumbo this weekend. This might not sound all that exciting, but it’s sort of a major project around here. We use Crescent Dragonwagon’s* recipe for gumbo, which involves a whole lot of chopping and cooking, but results in lots of storage containers of gumbo base in the freezer. When we want gumbo, we thaw out a container of the base, then add the last few ingredients.


And the finished plates:


Then there’s the spinning. I’ve spun up a whole bunch of Abby’s Batts that I scored a month or so ago. This is a silk/merino/sparkle blend. I’ve finally got the whole bunch of fluff spun, and now I’m plying it. Here you go.


That’s roughly a light fingering weight, 2 ply. I have about six or seven ounces of this, but this is the first bobbin of plied stuff, so I don’t know the yardage yet. I think this will make a nice shawl. What do you think?

Down the rabbit hole I go. I’ll be back in a week.

*Yes, that’s her name. If you don’t have her cookbooks, you are really missing out. Go, now, and buy them. I highly recommend her Soup & Bread cookbook just for the gumbo and cornbread recipes, and The Passionate Vegetarian is one of my all time favorites.


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress! If you need any help, there is a crew of us on Ravelry. Look for the WordPress self hosted forum.

  2. Goodness, do I love gumbo. I also love Jambalaya, which I make similarly to the way you make gumbo. I make a LOT of it, because it takes several hours, with a couple more hours of prep work. Then I freeze some, so that it’s easy to heat and eat later. So good.

  3. I LOVE Crescent Dragonwagon! She was married at one time to the nephew of my admin assistant. Her soup & bread book rocks my world.

  4. Back when my oldest was little (he is a 2nd year med student now) we got a children’s book of poetry by Crescent Dragonwagon at a used book sale. My husband hated reading it to the kid, but the little guy loved it! Who knew a 2-year-old would like poetry?

    Now I need to search out some of her cookbooks…

  5. FOUND YOU! LOL! I love the new site! Sorry you had so many problems with the other one. I need to start blogging. I think it would be therapudic…

    You are bookmarked!
    Love you guys!

  6. Welcome to your new blog home! Its wonderful.
    and thanks for the recipe connection (always on the lookout for new cookbooks)
    Your spinning is so beautiful. are you really sure that you haven’t secretly been spinning every day of your life? (grins!)

  7. I love your new look, and to think I almost missed it because I have been a lazy blog reader these past few weeks! We had problems at blogger when they put out a new iteration that completely changed the way one could control one’s blog formatting, and the changes were not always for the better. Grrr. I took forever to revamp over there.

    That gumbo is making me hungry. (BTW, we have the same breadmaker, but hubby, our resident chef extraordinaire, rarely uses it despite my pleas. He’s hooked on a bread recipe from the NYTimes that uses beer and a Dutch oven. Now our Zojirushi maker sits forlornly in its box on the bottom shelf, but that Dutch oven bread has a crust to die for.)

    Hope you like your new digs.