Rainbow Socks!

There are few things that amuse me as much as when striped sock yarn turns out to match perfectly.


I didn't even have to try very hard to make that happen. Mostly I don't try at all, and just have mismatched socks. These are going to be very cheerful when done.



Rainbow Socks! — 6 Comments

  1. Pretty impressive. Obviously means that you are consistent on gauge. And yes, they will be very, very cheerful. Definitely to be worn on a rainy day!

  2. Love the colors. What is the yarn? Very pretty. I hope the house repairs go forward without too much stress. If you have to be out for a couple of weeks in winter, come and see us in San Diego where it is warm. Mexico is also a possibility. Or, how about a cruise? My mother-in-law recently went to Ft Lauderdale from LA via the Panama Canal. 2 week cruise, beautiful and warm.
    Julie in San Diego, where it is still raining

  3. So glad one of the “old timers” is still blogging. So many bloggers have disappeared! Also, striped-sock-wise, the same thing happened to me once. I really don’t care if my striped socks match; in fact, I prefer the loosey-goosey whimsy of one that don’t. Tell that to the one pair I made that matched down to the very last row. Argh.